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4 Signs You have Found Your Twinflame
It's genuinely difficult when in the dating game to know for sure if the person you are with is the "one", the "for now" or "the lesson". Here are 4 surefire ways I have discovered through countless clients' stories of pure love lasting though lifetimes, to know you have to search no further! 1. You are NOT afraid. SO what does that mean? Simply that your soul knowledge of the rightness of the union outweighs "human" fear of it falling apart. You aren't constantly trying to make sense of detail, you aren't waiting for the letdown. Fear, very different from a realistic view of life's circumstances, (which is imperative to have) doesn't consume you. 2. Your communication is on point! There's no guesswork. If you're angry, you talk about it. If you're hurt, confused, need support, it's all there. You don't feel judged by the other, or feel the need for masks. Open communication isn't difficult. It may take some practice, particularly if you've come from hard relationships, but ultimately you make it easier on each other to be vulnerable. 3. No Rush! There no hurry, even if by "social" standards you're on the more mature side, you aren't desperate to lock down the relationship. It simply doesn't matter about title or staunch declarations of commitment. You both just know, and live. A marriage proposal may even sound something like "Wanna get married, have the whole dress and party thing?", "Sure! We should pick a theme!" 4. It just isn't difficult. You flow, your opposing interests become sources of learning for each other, you are happy together and have no problem saying, "Goin out with the girls, I'll make dip if you wanna invite the guys over to watch the game while we're gone". You include each other in engagements with friends you had before you met, or friends you made recently, you include them in that circle because you want to, because you're proud of the other and want to build a friend family with them. There is a complete partnership, and even playing field. You are happy! Finding the "one" can be a daunting task. But the common thread I have found is that the "one" is simply a person who enhances you, who compliments your life, who doesn't need you but wants you, who is grateful for you. Not a perfect person, no one is perfect. But a person who makes you the best version of yourself, not an alternate one, that is a person worth keeping. Blessings! MysticCori
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