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Relationships and Matches
You are able to use all kinds of tools to try and define what the perfect match is but ultimately when it comes down to the perfect relationship it has to be a fully equally yoked partnership. We have all different kinds of things that make us up as human beings. Everything from our DNA to the way we are wired and or think to expectations of our heritage and culture along with our own desires in what we would want as a partner. I feel we ultimately fail at relationships because we as humans think we can just use the simple tools for the perfect relationship like what sign fits best with yours or the soulmate numbers by birthdate but honestly it doesn't work like that as much as we would like it too. It's why some of us fail more than once while looking for the perfect partner or maybe they are looking for us. The universe works in mysterious ways and it's not always in our timing but in God's timing or for those who are of a different religion a higher powers timing. So when we look at what says would be the best relationship is often times the worst one and that is because of the variable that most do not factor in going back to your make up and how your wired as a person from birth forward and then you have to go one step further and factor in everything that has happened in life from there in order to find the right partner that meets your true needs. That takes you to the realm of not settling for less than you are worth and that doesn't mean by a dollar amount that just means not to settle for less than what you deserve and or a potential partner might deserve. It's where you also learn that being single is okay as you learn to love yourself and all things about you while the universe is working in constant motion to put the right person in your path when it comes to the right partner and partnership. Ways you can look at it is like minded, like lifestyles, life experiences, wishes, desires and wants in all things and what that looks like for you personally and professionally. Here is a good exercise for everyone looking for a partner to do and that is take everyone that has crossed your path and is a part of your life and you will have to apply your own relationship type to this but I am coming from the straight female perspective but it applies equally across the board. So you will box out starting with hierarchy and make a square for each person that is male in your life father, brother, son, husbands, ex husband etc. anyone that was super close to you and then you write down everything you like or disliked about that person with a 2 minute timer and then when you are done you will review that list and be able to mark out exactly what you desire and don't desire in a partner what you will accept and won't accept along with it will tell you the 95% you can live with and the 5 % you can learn accept based upon expectations as no one is perfect. That's how you truly look at finding the perfect match when it comes to a relationship as well as, defining out the roles and running your relationship like you would run your own business. These are just some of the essential things that no matter what type of relationship you have you must do in order to be successful in a relationship. It's simply put your partner comes first and if you give 100 you get 100 back it's not a 50/50 type of deal. However, your 100 maybe the offset to their 100 making it a perfect match for what works in your own life so that to must be a factor when you are factoring the match factor. Hope this helps stimulate thought around relationships and capturing the one you love or the one that loves you! Mystic Jypsie Copy Rights - it's always about love! " Sorry I can't break down the sentences and or spell check based upon a crazy equation but you can do that yourselves sentence by sentence!"
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