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We all have the ability to listen and be guided by our own psychic development. Let us begin the journey you and your higher self have been waiting for to be explored.
The Spider - Animal Totem
*Animal Totem*

Today I was inspired by a very unique little creature. The spider! This animal totem crawled her way all up to my make up counter and on to my mirror. There I was asking my inner shaman for guidance in my love life when I was so graciously startled. What a unique animal totem to be presented to during such a trifle time in my love life. She taught me a few tricks and allowed herself to be revealed as I prepared my goddess self to take her spirit in.

During my meditation with the spider I learned that all though dangerous things and changes such as a new romance or healing one could feel very on the edge. One must take her life gracefully with purpose in her stride yet be allowed to watch all angles to care for ones heart without being startled. She told me that we sometimes fall pray to anxieties and worries unnecessarily at the moment in time. For we look at our relationship at the immediate image rather than the day as one piece of a 1000 piece puzzle.

She also taught me how to be slick and sly with my personality and sensuality.
She explained to me that it is the tiny secret smile we woman (and heck why not men too! lol) hold to ourselves that allows us to be confidant and sexy. She advised me to practice and to smile so..that my eyes truly held the secret to being sensual. It is a trick in the eyes that can make you seem what you may lack or desire you to have always wanted.

The spider is an amazing creature teaching us how to be prepared to change our course without much thought to anxieties or worries but rather in the quiet yet secret laughter in our eyes.


Imagine our visualize the spirit of the spider. She is tiny to many other creatures but the venom in her fags create an aura of danger. Imagine this aura and hold the ability to be confidant that you are always protected at all times. With such aura imagine the ability to smile through your eyes. You hold a secret - a secret that no one else knows. That secret is so sexy and beautiful - exotic to those surrounding you. Keep holding her spirit in you as you master her ability to perceive more than on entrance or exit to the situations around you. Without hesitation you are able to switch gears and speed. allowing you the right timing for all course of actions needed at the time.

This is the spirit of the animal totem spider. May she bring you a different sense of awareness!


# re: The Spider - Animal Totem @ Saturday, May 25, 2013 8:38 AM
thnx.....been seeing many lately......and decided to look at all hits google gave on spider totem...dragonfly is my life totem yet once in a while a critter shows up to give a message.
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