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Twin Soul vs. TWIN FLAME
I have been doing research for over 15 years on the subject of Twin Flames. I was SURE I had found mine when one night I demanded that God show me the face of mine. It turns out I began to have recurring dreams about this one man I had known from high school. I had been dreaming about him on and off ever since High School. We were platonic friends, but I remember the first day I saw him as if it was yesterday, and he said it was the same for him. It was the first day of high school, and I felt someone staring at me from behind. I turned around slowly, and it was too late for him to shift his head, so he shifted his eyes to make it look like he was staring outside. I remember his face, I thought: Cute!" It felt as if time had stopped - a freeze frame - something I had read happens when you meet your twin. Then I turned around and life continued. We always connected in a very special place, and at my worst emotional moments, he would appear in a dream and comfort me without saying anything. That night after I confronted God, my friend came in a dream and spoke for the first time. He said, "I have loved you for a long time. My Twin!" I was sure. It could only be him. Certainly not someone new. Then I went back to my country to follow the dream. He was married to a witch who had tied him in with black magic. It was way out of my league, and I was also told in a dream to not interfere. It mattered not that my heart was breaking every day for the first ten years, I follow God's instructions. We never had any secret rendevous, we just supported each other in our work. The Angels must have a sense of humor because all three jobs I had gotten (aside from my tarot work) were within blocks of his office. It appears he needed my unconditional love energy to build his empire. He started making profits of $4000 and by the time I left my homeland, his profits were $4 million. I knew when my job and time there was done. He did, however tell me one time that he loved me eternally, but I knew he was not about to give up 50% or even 5% of millions for true love. I told my mother I could leave now. Three days later my high school friend was on the front page of the newspapers being credited for his accomplishments. I told my mother, he graduated on the physical/material world and everyone knows; I graduated in the spiritual world and only God knows. Only now our roles are reversing. His bank account may be large, but he is realizing that his soul is empty. I, on the other hand am wealthy with the Holy Spirit, and am being guided how to fill my bank account.... "SEEK YE FIRST the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED unto you." I left my homeland after having re-met the man who was to be my future, NOT my friend from high school. The man I have known since I was two years old is my true Twin Flame... although he is still to understand who we are outside of the love we share. It took me a long time to let go of the belief that it was my friend from high school. We were twins alright, but not twin flames. We were twin souls - two people who shared a similar paths, similar strengths, not necessarily meant to be together in this life. He needed me to make it to the top. I needed him to know that I had that ability as well (in my field). This is my Twin SOUL story. My Twin Flame I hardly dream about, but with the few messages God gave me, and the depth love we share, I KNOW! I have also had astrology charts done on both, with me. I know a little myself, and if I had never seen a marriage chart before, I saw it with my Twin Flame. With my twin soul, we were parents for each other in past lives. The love bond is just as strong. But with a Twin Flame, the purpose is not romance, or projects, it is for the good of humanity... the Light and Love of God on Earth. No book can tell me that it is the same thing. I write what I live.
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