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On June 12th at 4:00 PM EST Mercury will move out of its dignified position of Gemini into the neighboring position of Cancer. Where Mercury is comfortable ruling over Gemini, it creates hindrances in communication for the position of Cancer, due to the emotional qualities that it must adhere to, as opposed to positions of logic, but this combination has the ability to make any Gemini, Cancer, or Leo all the more perceptive to the emotions in the world around them. Mercury in Cancer can provide a desire for being in a group, especially when that group is capable of accomplishment that would warrant celebration. Throughout the life of an individual with Mercury in Cancer, they gather information and understand it, by virtue of experience, trial, and error, instinctively, which creates added depth to their intuition. This is perhaps the most emotional placement of Mercury, even more so than Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury in Pisces. This enables communication that is often simplified, which connects to the emotions of others.

The Zodiac sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, creates instinctive and intuitive positions for individuals’ whose planets, the sun, and especially the moon fall into the purview of Cancer. To understand the significance of intuition and instinct in the context of Mercury in Cancer, once must first understand the difference between instinct and intuition. Instinct comes from that which is engrained or inherent to a person’s experiences that lead to a conscious course of decision making. Intuition is an inherent ability to gain understanding from the world around them without conscious reasoning. The determination as to whether an individual is able to use intuition, instinct, or both as a means for receiving and sending information and communication is contingent on the three sun signs that are possible while Mercury is traveling throughout Cancer. For an individual with the Sun in Gemini, the duality of Gemini creates an easier path for an individual to utilize both instinct and intuition. A Sun in Gemini’s position for connecting to someone else’s emotions with communication, taking on a more intuitive approach, often leads the Gemini to a position of always feeling that their world view is correct, even though it tends to breathe hypocrisy if this trait isn’t repressed by the understanding, instinctively, that others’ are able to view this stance of hypocrisy. A Sun in Cancer’s position for connecting to someone else’s emotions with communication occurs most intuitively, and can lead to misunderstandings, often created by a lack of actual knowledge for what another person might actually be feeling, thus diminishing the concise nature of communication that a Gemini would possess. Because a person with the Sun in Cancer has traits that enable them to only view the world as they see it, Mercury in Cancer can often create challenges in utilizing empathy that would be required to put themselves in another person’s shoes. An individual with the Sun in Leo and Mercury in Cancer is able to use a more instinctive approach, which is built over time by virtue of their own experiences. This helps to create a greater course of empathy than an individual with the Sun in Cancer would possess.

In Tarot, the Three of Cups represents Mercury in Cancer, and is indicative of the abundance that life has to offer, especially when sharing life with friends and family. This card is inherent to the creative endeavors of an individual that are capable of providing success, increased finances, and the need for fulfillment in life that can be celebrated. When there is too much of an attachment to finances, then this position of Mercury is able to create hindrances to the individual, especially later in life, but if balance is kept and creativity is utilized for the benefit of other, then financial success is more easily maintained later in life. Love comes easily for individuals with this combination, especially when being able to connect to the individual that they are expressing love towards in a way that allows mutuality.

June 12th, 2018 4:00 PM EST UNTIL June 29th, 2018 1:19 AM EST

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