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Mars in Pisces: How is the Universe Testing YOU?
Mars, the Planet of War, is currently in the passive presence of Pisces, which is represented in the Tarot as the Ten of Cups. This is a position of satiety, which simply means to be supplied with as much or more than what may be desired for manageability. This is a prime position for the Universe to test our resolve. Whether it is our financial endeavors, our family ties, our personal relationships, or that which we are willing to undergo for us to find success that we are seeking, the Universe is always finding new ways to create challenges for us to prove ourselves, so that we may overcome these hurdles and bring ourselves to the next position, only for the long cycle to start over.

The ten of cups tends to be a positive card, but if we are ill prepared for the positions that it creates, it can be more than challenging to properly manifest the measures of fortitude that will be required for us to achieve the greater success that it can yield. Understanding how to identify what is a test and knowing that we possess the proper components within ourselves to attain the success that can be brought forward from such a test is certainly able to play a positive role for how we can show that which we are willing to do to achieve these greater successes. The Universe wants us to succeed, but sometimes, giving in to frustration, holding on to positions that make us feel as though we have failed in our endeavors, can be the primary component that holds us back.

The ten of cups brings the expression to mind “all is fair in love and war,” but understanding the steps that we are able to take that help us to bring that which is “fair” forward, as opposed to giving in to positions that create “war” can also help in how we show the Universe that which we are willing to do to find these stronger positions for ourselves. The more that we are able to give into arguments we might have with someone else, yielding to another person, and allowing ourselves the chance to take a step back to further analyze a situation before jumping to conclusions, the easier it is for us to prove to the Universe that we are able to pass the tests that it presents to us.

Showing the Universe that we ascribe ourselves to peace and love, the easier it is for the Universe to create this understanding for how we are able to overcome such hurdles, knowing that we are passing the tests that it brings toward us. As we are able to understand the deeper initiatives of the Universe, especially in the context of each situation, the more we are able to see ourselves taking the proper steps for ourselves, that enable us to, first, put ourselves first so that we might find it to be easier to help someone else and, second, to show gratitude for the lessons that we find from the Universe, for showing us the way. All too often, we are awaiting a sign or a symbol from something greater than ourselves, failing to see that the sign or symbol is inherently placed in our own resolve, where we are able to judge our own capacity for how we handle a situation.

Turning the burner down on frustration and turning the burner up on love are ways that we can overcome this position, and showing a strong resolve for carrying patience forward in all that we do (at least until this position ends on the last day of the year), can go a very long way in how we are able to show the Universe that we are not only aware that it is testing us, but that we are able to show that we possess the proper elements for being able to step beyond the difficulties that it creates for us. These positions can certainly help with how we are able to find this greater step, that can only stand to bring us into the more loving side of Pisces, as opposed to adhering to the war-like function of Mars.

On December 31st, Mars will move from Pisces into the sign that it rules, Aries.

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