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Mercury in Taurus

The Planet Mercury, which governs communication and rules over Gemini and Virgo, will be heading into Taurus on the 13th of May, after a fiery run through Aries, until May 29th, at which point in time it will enter into Gemini. If you were born during a time which Mercury was moving through Taurus, it is very likely that you are able to find yourself worrying about the smaller things in life, that you are able to relate to bigger positions in life that others might have a difficult time seeing. If someone were to say to you “don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff,” it is likely that you would fundamentally disagree, because of how you are able to see that the “devil is in the details.” The worry that you are able to feel over the trouble that you find in reaching a decision is typically able to be masked easier, if you were born with Mercury in Taurus while Mercury was in retrograde, leading some to mistake the contemplative positions that you are able to find yourself analyzing with laziness, but given time, the decisions that you make in life are able to be well thought out and carry you towards a position of deliberation with yourself, that causes you to connect the decisions that you have already made with the decisions that have yet to be made.

During Mercury in Aries, challenges in communication are all too easy to encounter, specifically because of it creates, in a less than virtuous way, and ability to speak before thinking. During Mercury’s time through Taurus, it is such that just abrupt of language, connotation, and innuendo can be applied, but it tends to be better thought out before actually speaking aloud, which certainly creates less offense from someone that we might be trying to communicate with. As such, Mercury in Taurus can also create a stronger disposition for collaboration if the precedent for such collaboration is set in a common interest in achieving the same goal. For issues of pride and ego, Mercury in Taurus can certainly create a more challenging position for such collaboration, if the needs of the individual are set before the goal of the collaboration.

In tarot, the five of disks is a less than desirable card, as it is able to pertain to the loss of money, but this loss of money tends to go hand in hand with the position of the thought processes that are able to go into business, which create a resolve for bettering a system, platform, etc., thus creating a shift of modality. This pertains to the nature of “worry” that is shown on the plate of the five of disks in the Thoth Tarot Deck, where it is not an actual dissipation of wealth, but it the structure of thought, planning, and then implemented fortitude towards a new idea or direction, where if executed properly, will lead to the nature of success that is able to come about, as a result of this. Sometimes this endeavor might even seem to be inaction with no purpose, but it is the purpose of the thought or idea itself, which creates a deepened understanding for the entirety of the thought or idea before implementing the changes that would ensue. Examples of this would be in thinking about every aspect of building a new website before finally getting started on it or pondering the complete layout of a garden prior to ever beginning to till the first section of the garden itself.

The five of disks is given the position of “worry,” specifically because of how worry is able to so easily rest upon the shoulders of individuals that possess Mercury in Taurus at the time of their birth. Sometimes, it is best to leave the worrying to someone else, certainly, but to leave the worrying to someone with Mercury in Taurus is to put a problem into the hands of a bona fide problem solver. Complexity can be the essential component of the position of someone whose Planet Mercury is in Taurus, but given time, this complexity is able to be explained and conveyed in a comprehensive way.









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