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Mercury in Virgo
Mercury in Virgo:

At 10:37 PM, EST, on September 5th, Mercury moved into its exalted sign of Virgo. Mercury in Virgo is able to create a stance of fortitude when it comes to job creation, increased finances, and positions of openness to hard work, that will yield success. This time in the zodiac can provide stability in finances, especially when goals are created with the sole purpose of doing right by others, as opposed to striving to attain wealth for purposes that enable us to put ourselves above others. Being grounded during this time is of the utmost importance, especially when the beginning of this stride of Mercury can be met with a feeling of hopelessness and fear, which is brought about by a lack of stability. Understanding how to use one’s talents to overcome this stance is very important, when it comes to pulling oneself out of the void that can be felt during this time.

In the Tarot, the ten of disks represents the nature of Mercury in Virgo, which is the nature of wealth that can be obtained, when hypocrisy, ill-intent, and malice isn’t present. This is the capacity for the physical manifestation of finances to be obtained through hard work, dedication, and even joy in one’s work to emerge. Mercury in Virgo is a good sign of positive things to come when we do right by others over doing right by ourselves, as doing so can lead us to positions of strength that can manifest the goals that we most desire throughout the rest of the year.

For individuals that have Mercury in Virgo, hypocrisy can be imminent in this person's life, and great care must be taken, so as not to utilize a stance of greed, that disables greater positions in life, such as love, friendships, family, etc. to be foregone.

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