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My Updated Groups: 1600 TOTAL LISTINGS
Hi Everyone!

I wanted to write a quick post to promote the more than 1600 listings that I have in my groups. Please feel free to check out these very talented advisors, in multiple categories with multiple skill sets, for anything that you might need.

Best Wishes,


For some of the most wonderful psychic readings available, check out my groups, below!


NEW ADVISORS New advisors and old advisors alike can be found here, if a new listing is what you're seeking. This is where you can see new listings in every category. As of now, there are 327 listings available in this group that you can check out.

ALL ADVISORS This is where you can find all advisors, some that aren't in the other groups, some that are. I have tried to keep this one reserved for anyone, any reading style, in any category. 447 listings are available in this group.

YOUR TAROT READER This is where you will find listings for tarot readers, and some of the best tarot readers, I might add, the site has to offer. 202 listings are available in this group.

YOUR LIFE GUIDANCE This is for the Life Guidance category, with all types of readers and all reading styles. 200 listings can be found within this group, from a wonderful assortment of readers.

YOUR LOVE READING Come here for love and relationship readings, from some of the best readers the site has to offer. 158 listings can be found within this group, from all different kinds of readers.

YOUR PSYCHIC MEDIUM Psychic readings, without tools, can be found here. To connect to the other side, or to find out about love, life, finances, etc., you will find well versed readers within. 104 listings can be found within.

YOUR SPIRITUAL READING For spiritual readers that are intuitive to beliefs, traditions, and open to all things here and beyond. 103 listings can be found within.

YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE For readers of all kinds, for your finances, work, career, etc. 80 different listings make up this wonderful group!

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