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The Moon in Aries can be quite vibrantly quite, exhilaratingly brash, and evenly moody. As a Gemini whose Moon sign is in Aries, I am very much aware of the pull of energy that is able to exist with this all too often incompatible duo astrologically. This has a fiery burst of fortitude that is put out by obstacles, struggles, but also by creating difficult transformations that, if defied, only stand to create disharmony, especially during the New Moon in Aries, as the one occurring at this time is.

For argument's sake, in this example, we will use the Moon card, in Tarot, as being representative of the Moon in the our sky. The generally accepted standard of this is for the Moon card to represent Pisces, but this is part of a bigger body of work that I will be putting out, which will explain this as a fallacy. That doesn't mean that one is more correct over the other, but the Moon card is associated with the elements of the subconscious mind, which is very indicative of the energies of the Moon and its symbolism throughout history. In the "Thoth" deck, the Moon is described as "the passage of darkness that must be traveled through, in order to see the light."

The Emperor card represents Aries, which represents conquest, strife, and ultimate victory. This combination of cards would be the depiction of the Moon in Aries. As with other combinations of signs in cards, like the seven of swords representing the Moon in Aquarius, Aleister Crowley, the author of "The Book of Thoth," doesn't have a combination in any one card specifically for the Moon in Aries.
In taking the meanings of the Moon card, especially with the implications of a difficult time ahead that is most necessary ("the passage of darkness that must be traveled through") for creating strength and fortitude (in order to see the light") and looking at the nature of conquest, strife, and victory all wrapped up into one card, the Moon  card would represent the strife. This is where creativity and ambition don't always meet eye to eye, and about half the time, ambition will be greater than the creativity involved and the other half would be a world's worth of creativity with no ambition to carry it out.

This is where it is easy to see the nature of balance that exists in the Universe, even if the balance isn't always in an evenly distributed way. With the current nature of the New Moon in Aries, we have the energy of the Moon that is able to come across as passive, and Aries, which can be quite aggressive. For myself, I have tried to defy the nature of passive aggressiveness, but for about 2.5 days of every month (ESPECIALLY with the New Moon in Aries), passive-aggressiveness aggregates. Some of the most mysterious things in my life have also occurred while the Moon has been in Aries, but this energy allows me, personally, to hone in on what the cause of the said mystery was, as opposed to the effect.

During the timing of the New Moon in Aries, Aries Sun Signs will have a much better position of forwardness, and will not be as interrupted by the nature of the Moon in terms of passiveness. The subconscious will dictate the Aries emotions, which will create the forwardness of their actions. The negative stance of individuals with the Moon in Aries comes from the inherent restlessness, which can create difficulties in their emotions, but the best way to deal with someone who has the Moon in Aries, is to let them deal with their struggles by themselves during this time.

Sun in Libra individuals, however, will find things to be far more difficult, because of the uneven balance that is able to be felt, but as things start to move away from this position, Libras will begin to strengthen their resolve for seeing, much more clearly, the balance that is able to bring their more virtuous stances. Taking precautions, and being consciously aware of this energy, though, can certainly help to hone in on the difficulties that are able to be created by this, but not dwelling on this as a negative stance is also something that should be taken into consideration.

For everyone, the Moon in Aries is able to create energy that feeds into restlessness, but finding ways to relax while still being active, will be helpful during this time period. For work, it is easy to  see creative positions jumping from one idea to another, where it can be more challenging to focus. When dealing with everyone from friends to family, from spouses to coworkers, tempers can swell and explode quickly, because of impetuous actions that can seem to offend, even if no offense was meant. Taking the time to be mindful for how to care about how one's actions will effect someone else, will be very important for the ways that this will come forward to a more positive stance.

The Moon entered into Aries Apr 13, 2018 11:25 PM and will remain until the Moon enters into grounded Taurus on Apr 16, 2018 4:51 AM. The next time the Moon will be in Aries will be on May 11, 2018 8:40 PM and will remain until May 13, 2018 2:15 PM.
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