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I know that we are all sick of hearing about this silly retrograde now, as it is going to be continuing for the next 19 days. But don't forget to look up, and don't just notice, but stare in wonder at what lies beyond our atmosphere, and when gazing upon the twinkling lights of the night sky, see the infinite nature of the Universe. Tomorrow morning, a continuation of the tetrad Blood Moon Eclipses will occur, allowing for the second eclipse to darken the night sky, at 6:25 AM EDT, and will last until 7:24 AM EDT. Note that it takes 59 minutes to complete this cycle, as this is something that is able to make the cogs in the clock of the Universe easier to understand, that we are all at the mercy of astrological influences, based on the placement of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon. From the time we are born, this is able to guide us through our entire lives, and so as you are observing the Moon in its change into red, remember that this change is able to bring about stability, but this tetrad is the inspiration of shared consciousness, throughout the entire Globe. Dec. 21, 2012 notwithstanding, the four blood moons (two this year, and two next year) inspire a chance for thought to be shared, in a very telepathic way. No, I am not saying that people are going to be hearing voices in their heads, but it is indicating that the changes which are occurring now are able to bring people to a resolve of understanding that things are changing in such a way that people are able to see that what they once thought may not necessarily be the rule of thought that they want to live by, and this is happening globally.

As of October 4th, Mercury went retrograde, where it will remain until the 26th of October. Mercury going retrograde can  have a very negative connotation, as there are problems with person to person communication which can easily lead to misunderstandings and disagreements which can affect everything from your relationship to your job, there are commonly issues with travel such as flight delays, or even technological breakdowns, which can affect computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment. But the Mercury retrograde doesn't necessarily have to be brought forward with bad vibes, for though this time can be problematic for many, it is important to note that there are ways of dealing with the difficulty that this astrological event can provide, allowing for more positive energy to flow forward.

Through the difficulty that will be felt during this time, it is important to note that from now until October 26th, is going to be a good time to gain ground in your intuition, and to really strive to focus on self-reflection. For those of you who are familiar with Astrology, Tarot, and the Zodiac, it is no secret. Where you may be struggling with communication with another individual, you would be able to recognize that throughout this period of time, you would be able to actually gain understanding of how others communicate, aside from your own ability being hindered. This is important, because it opens the door for understanding, and even empathy, as it gives the opportunity to be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes. In this case, it would be by understanding everything from facial expressions, mannerisms, stuttered words, all the way to domineering personalities, and insatiable forms of communication, which can cause a feeling of pushiness, or unease. However, despite being able to see someone else's way, method, or means of communication clearer, there are plenty of other things that will be  able to be reflected upon.

It is important to understand that during Mercury in Retrograde, final conclusions will not want to be drawn, as this is not the the time. But it is a time to see multiple sides of many different situations. This is particularly good for individuals who find difficulty seeing any fault whatsoever in their actions, because IF one allows themselves the opportunity to be able to find empathy and understanding, it is able to come out of the retrograde with a much more positive resolution.



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