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Mars in Aries began on January 1st and will last until Valentine's Day (February 14th). There couldn't be a more perfect way to begin the new year to have one of the Seven Classical Planets in the first sign of the Zodiac at the start of the new year. This will be a crossroads for many, a bridge for some, but most importantly, this is the realization of dominion or sovereignty with the desire to have more than what is currently held. The best way to confront the tumult of this energy is simply to go with the flow, as this can create union and balance for individuals and couples.

The Planet Mars impacts everyone, but Mars which rules Aries is the Planet of War and therefore it is important to note that this particular position will hold a much higher influence over sovereign nations, countries, and heads of state than it will individuals couples, and groups of people, who would otherwise be impacted by the aforementioned. Societies tend to feel the brunt of this energy, by the very virtues of the decisions made by governments in such societies.

The last cycle of Mars was through Pisces, which ended on the 31st of December. This energy is shown in the last card of the Minor Arcana, the ten of cups, and therefore demands a certain credence be paid to the virtues of its requests. During that time, Mars in Pisces was able to create tests for each of us, which were able to serve as the basis for how this energy was able to start over with the first card in the Minor Arcana, the two of wands.

Now that Mars has come full circle, it is important that we understand what our dominion is. Dominion typically refers to any ruler, leader, or monarch, but this definition is inherent to anyone who oversees something, supervisors, managers, religious leaders, etc. The most important way to survive this energy in a way that stress isn't inherent on a daily basis (if you didn't satiate this energy for Mars while it was in Pisces) is to understand what belongs to you, to not desire more than you have (as this would create dissatisfaction and stress), and to show a greater favor to simple gratitude.

In both cases of Mars in Pisces and Mars in Aries, it strives for creation. With Mars in Pisces, as the ten of cups, this seeks out transformation, as a more passive energy. But even passiveness can create an intensity that is hard to describe. It is always a good thing to remember during this cycle that the only thing that doesn't change is change. If the changes acquired during Mars in Pisces aren't created out of the virtue of the person invoking the change and if Mars deems the reasoning for the change dissatisfactory, then it will quickly create challenges during Mars in Aries.

Confrontation, argument, debate, etc. is not always a bad thing. But making sure that we strive to see someone else's point of view during such instances and keeping true to this nature of eliminating any standing that would keep us from meeting someone halfway will allow the energies from this period of time to become all the easier. IF we choose to be so set in our ways that we have only a capacity for stubbornness, there are other rules that Mars will play by, bringing discord and strife, which are, as follows:

FIRE SIGNS (MARS IN ARIES FROM JANUARY 1ST THROUGH FEBRUARY 14TH): Fire signs would get it first, while Mars is in Aries leading to family, relationship, and personal tumult through loss of property, and breakups. You may already feel as though you are going through a breakup, in which case there is still time to salvage this position if you understand how to properly invoke the energies that such issues would demand.

EARTH SIGNS (MARS IN TAURUS FROM FEBRUARY 14TH THROUGH MARCH 31ST): Earth signs would get it next, which would entail a loss of work, finances, and a severe stance of instability with the more materialistic aspects of life. This will also impact religious institutions and spiritual organizations where hypocrisy is present. There is no tarot card for this combination on its own except to combine the Tower Card (Mars) and the Hierophant (Taurus). This is not merely limited to Taurus, though, as all earth signs would be impacted by this.

AIR SIGNS (MARS IN GEMINI FROM MARCH 31ST THROUGH MAY 16TH): Air signs will have a particularly rough go this year, especially because of the placement of the start of this position occurring while the Sun is in Aries. Aries will remember the nature of justice, especially when cruelty is at work, as the card that represents Mars in Gemini is the nine of swords, and is indicative of malice, undue cruelty, ruthlessness, and weakness displayed through heavier touches of madness. This is the most severe position that will occur this year, so if you are an air sign (like I am), remember to be kind, patient, and always strive to put yourself in someone else's shoes, because otherwise, you may find your world crashing down around you.

WATER SIGNS (MARS IN CANCER FROM MAY 16TH THROUGH JULY 1ST): Water signs will have a particular rough time if emotions run high, leading to passive aggressiveness that goes unchecked. There is no single card for this combination in the Tarot except to combine the Tower (Mars) and the Chariot (Cancer), which is able to create hindrances with spirituality, issues with love and relationships, emotional distress, and a complete lack of fortitude. This would be the case for all water signs that don't adhere to the lessons of Mars in Aries in this first part of the year.

As of July 1st, though, the road becomes clear, and Mars will move into Leo, which will offer a way to maneuver forward, thus starting a renewed cycle of fortitude, where benevolence and diplomacy will be able to find an easier place in the world. There are so many other things that will create both positive and negative influences throughout the year, though, so don't let this bring you down. Know that being the absolute best version of yourself and acting out of love and compassion can impact the means by which Mars is able to be seen as a benevolent ruler instead of an evil conqueror.

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