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Venus in Virgo: For the Love of Money


On July 10th at 2:32 AM, UTC, the Planet of Love, Venus, will be moving into Mutable Earth Sign Virgo and will remain in this position until August 6th, 2018, at which point it will move into Libra.

If you are born with Venus in Virgo, this time can be very beneficial for you, when it comes to your finances, as this will give you the opportunity to provide you with a grounded position that will enable you to analyze the steps and actions that would be required in order to build success. But when it comes to romance, this gives a very standoffish approach, especially when it comes to meeting new people. Met with hesitation, this sign is able to create a stance that removes all assumptions to create an understanding how any given circumstance would be able to help to benefit you. This can create, for others, an assumption of selfishness, but this is the hand you were dealt and those that most love you will understand that this is part of who you are, especially if you look to positions that enable a balance for doing for others (and doing unto others), but with the intention of them repaying the favor (as you would have them do unto you).

Mercury rules two signs of the Zodiac, Gemini and Virgo, and gives Gemini an ability to see the world in a more ethereal way, whereas for Virgo, it allows them to experience the world in a way that is far more grounded to earthly pleasures. Geminis can find themselves worrying about what might come after this life where Virgos take their primary concerns for what matters will impact them in this life. There are three cards in the Tarot that hold a bearing over this combination in the Zodiac, with the first two being the Empress and the Hermit. The Empress represents the Planet Venus and is the feminine sided position of love, whereas the Hermit (meaning introspection more than hermitage) is the nature of how one is able to view themselves. Virgos tend to check their own identity at the door and tend to take on the experiences, hobbies, and interests of those that they are closest to. But it is by their very nature that they are quick learners, often self-taught, and understand positions of this life that can help them get over one hurdle and onto the next. Virgos tend to lack the ability to filter through nuance, and need to see things in displayable terms that are spelled out, without much reading between the lines. This is important to consider, when trying to date a person that has Venus in Virgo, because of the ways that they need to adhere to a function of life that is grounded and rooted. The more they are able to feel that their senses are of this world, the easier of a time they have, when it comes to deepening their attraction and connection with a person.

The third tarot card is the nine of disks, which shows financial gain, and shows the stance of fortitude that is able to emerge, from hard work, but this comes at the cost of sacrifice, when it comes to what the individual that is working for the income is able to put aside, to bring about the monetary measure of success that is able to emerge. This card, although shows the ability for financial gain, is a difficult time, in terms of how Venus is able to take away from success of relationships forming during this time period in the Zodiac.

For individuals that don’t have Venus in Virgo, this time in the Zodiac can be very positive, for being able to find positions in business that need to be stabilized and stabilize them. This is also a positive time for bringing in new business, new customers, and starting a new business, as this is able to create a rooted position that can enable longevity with new startups and endeavors. Knowing how Venus is grounded in Earth, because of it being Taurus’s ruling Planet, can also help, when you take into consideration the grounded resolve that love has, for each of us, to be able to feel safe, secure, and stable, in any relationship. But taking a more selfish stance over this course of time is something that will be easier to do, than during other times in the Zodiac. But if you have Venus in Virgo, and you feel yourself being a bit more on the selfish side, this could explain why you take on this position, whereas others might not see the world in the same way that you do.

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