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To answer this question, one must first understand the nature of spirituality, and that the consciousness of spirituality doesn't allow for it to be felt the same way, by any two people. The universe as we know it is perceived by us through our experiences, and as we have have these experiences, grow as individuals, and learn from our mistakes, the universe around us changes. The same applies for spiritual experiences, for as we experience this, our view on everything about life changes. You may have heard someone say before "I'm not really religious, but I am more of a spiritual person..." Often times, the person saying it finds difficulty in knowing the meaning to this, but many times what they are meaning to say is that they do believe in the existence of God or a higher being, they don't practice religion, and that they have had a different walk down spirituality, which can often times be very difficult to explain.

For the most part, I have found my spirituality through music, and not in the way that you might think. Though I am relevantly young, I don't listen to the mainstream radio, but I do listen to dark psychedelic trance, which is very big in other countries. This music was invented by a shaman from Goa, India named "Goa Gil."Goa Trance was its original name, before it took on the name of psychedelic trance. Dark psychedelic trance is able to become prevalent in your chakras, as it allows one to feel the music, and bring your brain waves to a vibrant frequency. The music works on a level that strikes up the Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves, simultaneously, and inspires logic and creativity to form in unison. There is a whole spiritual subculture that comes with this music, which I have had the privilege to be around, and have learned an immense deal of the connectedness of the universe, and everything in it, from the wonderful people who create and produce this music.

There are also mono and binaural beats, which are able to produce certain calming effects, by listening to the music in headphones. These noises and sounds are produced with one ear being slightly quieter than the other, and produces a calming effect, upon listening for only a few minutes. There is an equation in physics that accounts for all sound, which runs up a scale of A,B,C,D,E,F, and G. Every note can carry octaves, which the equation accounts for the threshold an object is able to carry this note, like the tinking of a glass. Music takes on creative energy that can often be felt in a spiritual way, which puts order to various sounds, and noises, that allow for the brain to hear a finely tuned input of energy, whether it be Beethoven, Mozart, or anything else that follows music theory.

My experience with music has given me the key to unlocking a side to existence that I didn't even know existed, until it found me. And that is where MY spirituality was able to be realized, better for myself. Some are blessed with the experience to prove God through near death experience, or other such phenomena, where others live their entire lives questioning, sometimes in soured grief, not ever able to come up with the answers that they seek. But from someone who has spent their entire life seeking out spirituality, I have found music to truly be my best source for part of the key that I needed, to figuring out the passage of the universe before this life, and into the next.

If you want to know the answers, all one must do is seek them out. It may take hours, and it may take years, but if there is a longing to find a more spiritual side to yourself, you will be able to discover this. Especially if you don't get frustrated on your quest to discovering this. We are put on this planet to experience, grow, and learn, taking our reward from the Universe for doing this in the form of happiness and pleasure. And in doing this, we are able to shape our destines, and always unwittingly, the destinies of those around us. For me, a Spiritual Reading is where if you are feeling lost in your spirituality, you would be able to use a spiritual advisor to find the right path for yourself to be able to find the best way to experience this.

Below, you will find my Group for Spiritual Advisors, if you need help finding your path, and I would encourage you to choose from any of these talented advisors to help you find your path

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