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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.
ARE YOU AT THE PRECIPICE ?, Waiting Too Long For Things To Change. Read this and let me help you. *5 free minutes
If you have been waiting too long for things to change in your relationship then you may be at the precipice. Read this and find out if you are in this situation and then call me to make things better now. I can help. I am a male clairvoyant with over 30 years of experience, great reviews and ratings, and a huge following of clients whom I call my family of clients


I am writing this to all my clients and for anyone reading my blog because of the fact that I have been getting many calls from clients that are in this situation. I call it the precipice situation. It is a point in your situation or romance where you have been patient and allowing things to resolve by just letting time do it's work. The precipice is a time where that seems to not be working, that just allowing things to go an as normal has not brought any change. Many times just hanging in there and allowing time to do it's work makes everything perfect but there are other times where this does not happen and that is what I want to talk about here.

If you have been waiting and just enjoying the moments for too long without things changing you are at the precipice, If you have been waiting for the other person in your life to make a move and they have not then you may be at the precipice. If you think that you are at the precipice which is a time where things need to change then you have choices to make. The first choice is to start making changes in the way you act and react to the other person, this may include bluntly telling the other person your needs and wants without fearing what may happen, this is done when the waiting is just not doing the trick and things have been on hold way too long. The other choice or the next choice is the decision to move on and back away and allow yourself to heal and then open new doors in your life and allow others to come in that door.

Every situation is different. Each of my clients in in their own time line and there own situation so this may or may not apply to you so do not get the idea that if you are in a wait and see mode that you should not be. I want to make this very clear to everyone that reads this that each of you have a very different situation with very different dynamics.

If you feel that you may be at the precipice, or if you want a reading to find out where you stand so that you can make the right moves in your life I am here for you. If you are at the precipice then the first thing to do is analyze the situation by reading the others thoughts and feelings and by looking at what has been going on in your relationship and then making changes to how you act, what you may have to say, and yes in many cases making some waves that may bring things to a head one way or another. The last decision that you should ever make is should I move on or not. This is the last thing to think about but sometimes you do have to make a choice but you do not want to make this choice prematurely or without first trying everything possible to get your relationship where it needs to be or just moving in the right direction.

I just want all my family of clients to know that I have helped so many people do just this. I have helped people make changes in what they do, say or act that has brought positive change to their relationships and even engagements and marriage. I have also helped many move on from something where everything has been tried and open new doors and they too are very happy in new flourishing relationships. I am here always to help.

The best way for you to get the most out of a reading with me is to ask me direct questions, tell me first about the situation going on even if we talk all the time because hearing your situation allows me to connect to the other person. Sometimes I get a call from a client that just says tell me what he is thinking without even speaking with me for a minute and allowing me to connect through them to the other. This is very hard to do. I am a very honest reader, I do not tell someone something that I do not feel. I do not make up happy stories just to make you happy for that moment. I tell you the truth because the truth is always what allows you to make the changes in your life that lead to happiness.

I have so many clients, and yes as you know I remember most of you right away but even with that it helps so much when I get a very brief recap of what is going on, the others name, and a direct questions such as is he thinking about coming back, rather than just what is he thinking. When I am asked just what is he thinking I may get anything from what he is thinking about for dinner to what is on the front of his mind, such as something that has him bothered, so be specific, give me a quick recap and let me help you to make things better.

All you need to do to see how many people I have helped is to read my reviews or comments and see what others have to say. Most of you know me very well and know that I am a true clairvoyant who picks up on things very quickly but I always want to give you the best I can give, so when you call try to be calm if possible, let me connect with you by just refreshing me on your situation and then ask me direct questions or ask me what I think your next step should be based on what I read. I read on keen to help people and not a week passes that I do not get an email or some other correspondence that tells me that one of my clients has been helped by me. I love all my family of clients so very much.
With all my Love and Light Your Psychic Andrew

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