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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.
Karma has lead you to me do not waste this opportunity
Does he love you? -What is he thinking about you? -Will this relationship get better? -Why is he pulling away?-
 I can answer all of these questions and more. Pleae read about me and what I can do for you

When selecting a Psychic to Read for you about your romance, love life,marriage or relationship it can be difficult. Their are many great Psychic's here on keen but how do you choose. Well many ways actually, but the best way is to see what other clients say about that psychic. So for that reason I have place a link below that will allow you to see all my reviews.

Please Read My Reviews They Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know

Out of over 1200 plus comments 97% or more are 5 star ratings.
I Am Very Proud Of This Fact. Read My Reviews And Read Below

My clients are more than just clients, they are my family.
My help does not stop after you call me. I never charge for emails or email questions because I want my clients to allow me to continue to help them obtain the thing they want the most TRU LOVE
and specialize in love and relationship reading's

If you want the man that makes your heart sing, you need to know how and what he is thinking about you and your relationship, you need accurate predictions and advice that sometimes only a Male Psychic can give you


When it comes to love I am a hopeless romantic, I believe love is the strongest power in the universe and is worth all the effort, the tears, and the work it may take to get there. Once you are there then you are in a very special place that will make everything you put into it worthwhile.

My clients refer to me as “The Romance Psychic” because I do more than just answer your questions, I help you get that special person back into your life, help you keep him there, and show you how to manifest the love from him that you feel so strongly. In most of my relationship readings I have found that it is just a matter of understanding the other person and his thoughts. So many problems are caused because of lack of communication or understanding of how the other person is thinking or feeling. That’s where I come in. It is so important for you to know the basics. You need to know if the person loves you, what his feelings are to-wards you, and what is causing the problem between you.

I can answer those questions and many more like them with amazing accuracy and 100% honesty. Once you know those answers and what the future holds for the both of you I can then show you how to alter that future if necessary and fix those problems or communication issues. If he has not contacted you in a while I can tell you why, if, or when he will. I can also show you how to get him to contact you, and show you how to make him think and act better about you and your relationship using a technique I teach called "Spiritual Focus".

I am more than just a Psychic. I am Your Psychic, and each reading, client and relationship is different and I treat each client with that in mind. I not only give you answers, I give you solutions. My goal is to get you back on track with the person that you have those special feelings for. My clients are my family as you will soon see. Just read my reviews from my other clients below
you will understand why you should be calling me.

I am 100% honest however. If I don’t feel that both parties have very strong feelings for each other, or there is someone, or something else that will not allow you to be together, then I will also tell you that. If you’re looking for someone to just tell you just what you want to hear then I may not be what you’re looking for, But in many cases where you feel that other person in your heart and in your soul then it’s just a matter of understanding how he is operating, feeling, and thinking. I will give you the answers, advice and understanding you need with a unique male point of view that will allow you to understand his fears, thoughts, and feelings and give you the advice and answers needed to obtain true love, or at least a much better relationship and a start at true love. True love is not easy but when attained it is grand.

Love and Light – PsychicAndrew –“The Romance Psychic"

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