That special feeling you get, the connection you feel with someone, that feeling that you never felt before, well guess what it's mutual. If you ever had or if you have that feeling now remember this. You may be confused by that feeling and you may even think your crazy. Maybe you feel like this about a man or a women that you just met or saw. The fact of the matter is, is that if you feel it, the other person is projecting it. It dosnt work just one way. If you have this feeling then the person that you crave, want, feel for, or are in love with has feelings for you too and is thinking like you are. That person is thinking along the same paths as you, maybe not with the same intensity, maybe with more, but what is sure is that the feelings are mutual. If the other person was not thinking along the same lines as you, not feeling things like you are, then it would be impossible for you to feel them. What you are feeling is his or her vibrations and his or her projections there of. I am great at reading the feelings, thoughts, or the vibrations of others. If you have this feeling and want to understand it more, and want to know what that other person is thinking or feeling towards you, then I am the perfect Psychic to call. Thats what I do when I do a romance or relationship reading. Im not going to toot my own horn but go read the reviews my clients have left for me and let them speak for me. My main page is at

Spend 10 Minutes Get 5 free for new clients and regualr clients. Look at all my categories read all my reviews, please also finish reading this blog. Then call me and I will tell you everything you need to know about what the other person is thinking and I will help you to understand where you are, how he feels about you and what is ahead for you. I can also help you change things, make things bettter, increase contact and het your relationship where you need it to be using my free spiritual focus lessons that I post in my blog.

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