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Internet Dating And The Virtual Relationship. Pitfalls And Promises Beware

Internet dating can be a good thing but beware of what I call the Virtual Relationship. This post covers internet dating and the good and the bad it can bring as well as what can happen when a simple attempt at meeting the right person through the internet can turn into a virtual relationship.

Internet dating in this day and age are very common. We have very busy lives. We work hard to get by. We live in a world where it is easier to meet another person on-line then in real life. When I was younger there was no internet, yes imagine that, no cell phones, no cable television, well when I was a young boy anyway. Nowadays it is common place to join a dating site to meet people. It may be out of convenience because of lack of time to get out there and meet people in real life settings, or just easier to meet more people period. This can and is many times a good thing and a great way to find your prince or princess.

Internet Dating

Internet dating has its risks, but also can have its rewards. Yes you can meet people very quickly and easily, you can find the person that is more or less looking for the same thing you are based of course on what is in their on-line profile. Beware however of an on-line profile, especially when it comes to profiles created by men. Full disclosure here of course, I am a male psychic and have many male friends. Men tend to know what women want to read and hear, they know that if they place in their profile certain things, certain words that it will attract more women. Let us all face the fact that if a man were to put in his dating profile that he was just looking for a quick fling, or if he was married or in a relationship already, then he would limit the women that might want to meet him. The whole idea of a dating site is to meet someone who hopefully is our perfect prince or princess, who wants the same things in life as we do and is wanting, at the very least, to meet someone who might be one of their soul mates, who might, if everything works out great, to have a future with another person, you.

With this said, men understand that, and will just about always say in their profiles that they are looking for a serious relationship, that they are unattached, and that they are looking for someone along the same lines.
Men know what to say and they use this knowledge. Now this is not to say that there are not many men and yes also women, that are really looking for that perfect someone to share their lives with. They are absolutely wanting to meet someone for a long term and hopefully together forever type situation. It may not be marriage but it is what I call a long term committed relationship, and yes, there are many real men who are on dating site to find the right women. Unfortunately there seems to be a whole lot more men on dating sites these days who are not really looking for all of that. This can be a problem.

What are they looking for if they are not looking for a real serious relationship you may ask. Why are they even on the site to begin with? Why do they say they are looking for a serious relationship when they are not? What are they really doing?
Some men are just looking to date and have fun, and that is ok as long as they disclose this, as there are many women that are also not looking for anything more than just some companionship, some fun, and do not want anything too serious for one reason or another. The difference is that women do not create profiles that are misleading, and to be quite honest we all know that if a women just wants to have some fun it is not all that hard to walk into the nearest club or other entertainment venue and find a man who wants the same.
Men do not have this luxury, trust me on this women, it is easier for a women to grab a man for fun then it is for a man to grab a women for just some fun. With all of that said let's look at internet dating a bit more and see if maybe I can describe some of the pitfalls and problems that you can avoid, and help make your internet dating experience better.
After we do this however we are going to discuss the dreaded Virtual Relationship because more and more in my readings this has been becoming a huge problem.

Here are some good rules and guidelines that can help you maneuver the internet dating sites and give you the best chance of meeting your prince.
First and foremost is choosing the dating site you are on. In my experience myself, and from tens of thousands of readings, the first thing you want to avoid is the free dating sites. If someone can not afford to invest 30 or 40 dollars a month to find their perfect someone they should rethink whether they are even ready, wanting, or able to be in a relationship to begin with. This choice right away will weed out so many men who wont spend the money because they are not really looking for someone to be with. It also weeds out men who for a lack of better words do not even have the money to pay for their own dinner let alone take a women out to dinner. I am not saying that money is everything, and that a man needs to have lots of it to be a good person, or a good partner in life, but to be very honest it does mean that they may not have their lives together. Having your life together is a must.

A relationship as I think of it is two people combing their lives into one life, hopefully forever. Both lives must be good, they must both be at least stable and not worried on a day to day basis about money or quite frankly many other problems as well. Meshing our lives with another is a serious thing and if you want a good relationship think of the relationship as a cake. If you combine good ingredients you get a good cake, if you combine bad ingredients, such as rotten eggs and sour milk, well you get the idea. Make sure that your life is in order before you look for someone to combine your life with as I am sure you want someone who also has their life together. Someone who is happy with themselves, their life, first and foremost before looking to be with someone else.

It is not enough to just be lonely and feel you must have another person in your life to make you happy. This never works. You will most certainly find yourself going through one bad relationship after another unless you make sure you are ready to embark on the most important part of your life, combing it with someone else's. I read for so many people and I have found that you must have certain things in order if you expect to meet the right person, and have that great relationship. Karma is not going to put a great man in your path if you are still hanging onto another person, if you are still thinking of someone from the past, if you are still in a relationship, if you are not over a bad breakup, or if you have not yet made yourself a happy life by yourself.

It just does not work that way. I wish it would, I wish that people could just have someone swoop into their lives and save them from all the heartache and agony of their last relationship. The fact is that it does not work like that. You must be happy with your life first, I tell people this all the time, I help them to take the steps necessary in order to get their lives in order first so that their prince can be placed on their path. Each person and situation is different and that is where I can help you even more by guiding you through the steps you need to make your life right, to help you understand what happened in your last relationship, to answer your questions so that you can find closure, and be ready to move on. This is needed or you will just go from relationship to relationship in an endless loop of unhappiness and sorrow. Let me help you get ready for the next person and in the end your prince.

Now once you are in that happy place in your life, and you are ready to meet that perfect person, and you elect to do so via an internet dating site remember this. Men have short attention spans, if they have to answer questions about them when signing up to a dating site that takes longer than 5 minutes then only the serious men, that want a serious relationship will take the time and effort to do this. So choose a site where you do have to answer some good amount of questions. This alone will weed out the "frogs" as I call them. Keep in mind that it is kind of a numbers game as well, and the idea is to get through the frogs, and to the prince as soon as possible. I can help you with this by reading the people you ask me about, telling you the thoughts, feelings, and most important the intentions they have, so that you do not waste time with a person who has absolutely no intention of wanting a real serious committed relationship, if that indeed is really what you are looking for.

Here are some good rules as well. Ask the person that you meet on these sites what they are looking for. Have them tell you, in voice preferably. Do not just go by what is on their dating site page. Make sure that after a short time of chatting or texting messages back and forth with them that they call you or you call them via the phone so you can hear them, hear their voice and their inflections. This helps so much in getting to know the other person and also helps to weed out the men that wont even get on the phone with you, that just want to play behind the keyboard. Once you have taken the step of communicating by voice a few times, set up a real date, even if it is just meeting for coffee. You need to see the person and feel their vibrations if this is going to go anywhere, and if they are unwilling then just say next, because if a person after a short time is not willing to meet you in person, then chances are this wont go anywhere and you waste time.

Always meet in a public place and be careful, but you know this. Look for others and only respond to others who are in your area. Long distance relationships almost never work out. I mean if you have a private jet or they do, well maybe, but most men if they live more than 30 minutes away from you, usually do not take the time or will not go through the traveling distance to either meet you or continue seeing you in person.  This continuing of seeing you in person I call "Stacking  Dates" It is exactly what is needed to form a mans feelings and intentions enough to ever enter into a real in person relationship with you. Men grow feelings to a certain point virtually, after a certain point our feelings do not grow unless we see you in person over and over again. This is important because I have found that women can continue to grow feelings for a man even through just talking, texting, or other virtual communications longer and stronger then men do. This also causes women's feelings to grow past the stage of the man they are communicating with This is a big thing women so please read this and take it in, because now we are going to talk about a very serious problem plaguing many people these days.
I call it "The Virtual Relationship"

The Virtual Relationship

What exactly is a Virtual Relationship. Well here is the definition as defined by a dictionary

"not physically existing as such but made by software or other means to appear so or to be".

Look carefully, APPEAR TO BE, NOT PHYSICALLY EXISTING, that is the part that you need to understand. Virtual is not real. I know this is hard for some to understand, very hard sometimes, but the truth is that if you are interacting with a person only, or mostly via text, phone, internet, or chat, you are interacting with a person that is
NOT PHYSICALLY EXISTING in your life anyway.

No matter how you may feel about him or her, no matter how strong your feelings are for them, they are not physically existing and neither are those feelings you think you have for them, or they think they may have for you. In a blunt statement, it is not real. It is not a real relationship. A mans feelings will only grow to a certain point without constant physical contact, men's feelings plateau and yours, a women's may not. This is very dangerous because you may wind up way ahead of the man in feelings. You do not even know this person in the way you think you do. If you have never met them in person, or if you have only met them once or twice, then there is no way you can know enough about them to have the strong feelings that you may feel. Those feelings may also be Virtual, as in not really existing. 

I know that there are going to be many people who push back on this, who will say that is not true, we are in love, we are soul mates, we know each other so well. We talk, chat, communicate via text every day, how can that not be real?  how can he not have the same feelings for me? and why do I have such strong feelings for him?
The truth is hard to take, but how can you know a person without being with that person in real life, as in person physically.
How about just for a start we talk about physical attraction, habits, personality in person. We can even go deeper and talk about pheromones, that scent that a man and a  women put out that triggers attraction and other feelings in the brain. How can anyone really feel the way so many do without ever meeting that person or just meeting them once or twice. It just is not truly real, it is mostly in your head and you and even maybe them, are making movies in your head to replace what a human being really needs. What is that you ask? Another human being in your life to bond with, interact with, hold, hug, be with, and yes love.

This is also true of what I call the Long Distance relationship where you see the person every few months or less but communicate every day or most days via virtual or computer programs, phone, chat, or text.
The fact is that it may make you feel good, it may fill that hole in your life you may have, make you less lonely, all that and more, however it is not real, it is not going to lead to you, and them together in one place hopefully together forever. It just is not going to get there.

You can only get so much, and go so far via this virtual experience and the worst problem associated with it, is that men are ok in many cases with the virtual relationship. It is enough for many men. They do not have time for more, they are not looking for more, and they have no intention of ever turning that virtual relationship into a real one with you.

It also allows them to hide their real lives. If you have never met them, or only met them once or twice how do you even know if there is anyone else in their life. Have you seen their home, do you know what they do when they are not texting you or chatting with you, and do you ever start to say to yourself that it seems funny that they did not text you or chat with you one day, or did the schedule you got used to of the virtual contact change suddenly. If so something is really wrong and I can help you find out what is going on in their life, what their real feelings are, and help you diagnose what is actually happening to you.

Are you in too deep? Have you been, or are you presently in one of these virtual relationships? Please take a breath, take a step back, and think about this clearly. Let me help you do this. You may be wasting valuable time getting to your real prince while you are stuck or frozen in place in what I call a Virtual Relationship. I could write for days about this, it is very complex, but if anything I wrote in this post triggers something inside you, or if you feel you may have found yourself in a Virtual Relationship without even realizing it, please take a moment and call me for a reading so I can help you.

Sometimes you can take a Virtual Relationship and turn it to a real relationship. You have to want that, and be willing to take a chance doing so. You have to be willing to give up the virtual in order to get the real thing. The truth is we each deserve to be with another person, to have another person in our life. To love, hold, touch and experience our life journey with. More than even that we as human beings are supposed to be with another human being. Not a computer, a phone, or a text, but with another person in real life. Let me help you do just that.

I hope that this post has helped some of you. I would appreciate if you would comment on what I wrote, even if you do not agree, below in the comment section of this post. I also hope that if you are having issues with internet dating or a virtual relationship you will call or chat with me as soon as you can so I can help guide you, answer your questions, read the other person, and help you get what you deserve, the man or women of your dreams. Your prince is out there, do not waste time with the frogs


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