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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.
Is The Man I Am Seeing Even Really Available. Read This To Find Out - Relationships And Availability

If you want to know if your man is available for a relationship, a real relationship then you need to get a reading on him. There is no type of psychic better to read a man than another man. I am a male psychic clairvoyant with 30 years of reading experience and I can help you do just this. Please read the post below and see why your man may be pulling away, not making it all the way, having trouble getting into the flow of the relationship or is having communication problems. This ma be all because he is either not available or not yet available. Read this full post below


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When I speak about a man being unavailable I am not just speaking of him being with another person. That  is just one form of unavailability. Some of the other types of unavailability when it comes to men and relationships cold be the following.

  • Still with another person
  • Not yet over a past relationship or person
  • Problem with their job or money
  • Out of a relationship but has not gone through transitional period
  • Long distance relationships
  • Not being able to physically see you enough due to distance or issues
  • Children especially if recently divorced or broken up
  • Not happy with their lives in any or every way
  • Still wanting their own personal life scared to join lives with you
  • Family fear of different religion or ethnic backgrounds
  • Still would rather be in a virtual relationship as in text or web
  • Heath or wellness issues or worries about them
  • Has not yet reached that point where he knows what he wants

You have to understand that men are so very different from women.

Many women go with the fact that if two people care about each other, have great feelings when they are together, than "LOVE" will conquer all.

That they can work together through the problems both the man's and their own.
The fact is that men do not think this way at all, they do not understand or accept the fact in many cases that a man with the right women beside them can do better than by themselves. Men tend to feel that they have to have total control of their lives first before really entering into what I call a "Real" relationship

A "Real" relationship is a combination of two lives that blend into one for the better good. That is meant to stay on a course, a steady course that leads to different steps that are on a path that says forever together. Maybe not immediately but that should be the goal. Too know you want to be with the other person for the rest of your life.
If you are not looking or that then what you are doing is really just seeing each other, you are dating, you are not in a relationship. This is my definition of a "Real" committed relationship. You, the other person, and a path leading to forever together.
I do understand that you may think of a relationship as different so read on.

Some people have other definitions and I understand that. Most of the reading I get however want this type of relationship and this is what most women want especially if they are not still in school. Wasting valuable years with a man who is unavailable can be a very big problem. Some men will never be available. You need to know this.

You need to know where you stand, what is likely to happen and when.
Men are simple when reading them compared to women. The problem is that interpreting the mind of a man really in my opinion needs to be done my another man. A male psychic who can not only read another man but who can interpret and explain to the women in a language she can understand what exactly is going on, what if anything can be changed to make things better, and what is going to happen. Should you stick it out or should you let go and move on.

Every single situation or relationship is different and that is why a real reading is very important. this is not a crystal ball reading about the future as if your life was written in stone but about the now, the present and what is going on now because that is really what is going to determine the near or short term future for you. This is the kind of prediction you can count on, not some long term crystal ball type thing but really what is going to happen on your current path with this man and what if anything can be done to change things, make things better, and make the outcome have a better chance of what you are looking for as in the type of relationship you are wanting.

Read this post about futures being written in stone.
this post will help you understand how I read and how real psychic reading can help you make things better and what you can expect.

It is very important to know what your man is thinking and feeling about you, and what he is thinking and feeling about being in a relationship. The two are very different. You can have a man who has all the feelings in the world for you but for one reason or another can just not get into a "real" relationship at this time and in some cases maybe either never or for so long that is may as well be forever.

If your man is unavailable then find out now. Find out if he is going to become available and when and also find out why because in some and even many cases there are things you can do about it. Please read my warning below as I am not for everyone.
I am the psychic who tells you the truth and in many cases people want just a happy story and not the truth. I do not do happy stories unless they exist.

I Am A 100% Truthful Psychic. I Do Not Tell Fairy-Tale Stories,
Or Tell You What You May Just Want To Hear To Make You Happy.
I Do Not Do General Or Crystal Ball Type Amusement Readings.
I Am Real Psychic Who Will Give You Real Answers To Your Questions.
If You Can't Handle The Truth I May Not Be The Psychic For You.
I can also help you with solutions to your problems if asked and
as a male psychic I can interpret men on a very different level.

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# How to adjust to the truth @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 3:47 PM
I've had some time to read your articles. I felt a shift concerning Bob and the negative vibes that were just too much to take before.  I realize I did not pressure him as much as I felt I did, but it was instead his own behavior that flipped his switch. I still feel sometimes that I may have left him with a sense that I was trapping him, but you've made it clear to me that I did not know what I wanted, so I couldn't express clearly what it was that was missing or what I wanted. I was leaving unclear signals that could confuse many. I now am much more clear about what I want. I know 2015 is the year I come back to you and laugh at the circumstances of the past and say that I am very happy and just as much loved as in love. Thank you for not giving up on me, but instead continuing to make things clear. Xxxxx DebraPearl
# TOP 7 ARTICLES TO HELP YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Written By A male psychic to help you understand things better Jan-10-2015 @ Saturday, January 10, 2015 6:49 AM
In this post you will find the top 7 most important posts for you to read. Learn about your relationship,...
# re: Is The Man I Am Seeing Even Really Available. Read This To Find Out - Relationships And Availability @ Tuesday, August 04, 2015 8:43 AM
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