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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.

If you want to find out about your man ask a male psychic. How can you understand your man in depth if you do not ask a male psychic. Men think differently than women. You need a male psychic to differently interpret his thoughts, feelings, and intentions. What are you waiting for. Get the truth now.  Find out how he is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship, and most importantly what intentions he has.


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My best price always and discounted price listing

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I Am A 100% Truthful Psychic. I Do Not Tell Fairy-Tale Stories, Or Tell You What You May Just Want To Hear To Make You Happy. I Do Not Do General Or
Crystal Ball Type Amusement Readings.
I Am A Real Psychic Who Will Give You Real Answers To Your Questions As Well As The Solutions You Need And Advice Wanted When I Am Asked.
If You Do Not Want The Truth I May Not Be The Psychic For You. Call Or Chat Me Now If Your Looking
For Nothing But
Honesty, Accuracy And Truthfulness.


Do Not Wait For A Big Problem To Arise Before A Reading With Me.

Let Me help You Make Sure You Are On The Right Path And With The Right Person. Improve Contact And Understand What is Happening

If You Are Starting Fresh Let Me Read Your Path And Help Set Your Direction.  Know Where You Are Headed And The Steps Needed To Get You There. Stop The Rollercoaster Ride. Do Things The Right Way.

Is it time to move on?
Will he contact me again?
Is he really wanting a real relationship?
Why is he fading away?
What can I do to make him feel more comfortable?

I Can And Will Answer Any And All Questions For You Listed Above Or Any Others You May Think Of.


EXT: 02974179

My best price always and discounted price listing

and my main keen page

As a male psychic. I can read men on a very different level.
Understand Men, Or Your Man, Like Never Before


Some Comments From My Clients

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but Andrew has become an important part of my dating life. I seriously feel like I have another friend “on my team” to get me to do the right thing to get me into a relationship with someone whose intentions and feelings match mine. I’ve gotten bad news, hurtful news, surprisingly good news, and even insights into things about myself I wasn’t seeing; but looking back, it was always right. At the end of one call I was thinking, “how does he do this?” So I asked him. His response? “I’m psychic!” Andrew is for real, and he’s not just psychic, he really does care.

Another awesome reading. I love that he is honest and up front with what he sees. I am so excited that he has told me the steps to start taking to get what I want. I feel like I am FINALLY doing something not just waiting on a prediction that doesnt happen! Also greatful he has answered my emails with followup questions. one call to him and you will NEVER call anyone else! I feel his page is correct, he is here to help! More than 5 stars!!

Thank you Andrew. You picked up on all the changes within and around me without me saying anything. And I know all the changes are because of your Spiritual Focus Lesson. Life suddenly seems to be looking up. Your encouragement really makes a lot of difference because I know that you would never say anything but the truth. I was also touched because you were genuinely happy for me and I feel you really care.

I talk to Andrew on a very regular basis as he is a trusted advisor and friend - I can never leave enough feedback about how wonderful he is and seems inadequate to just say he is the best on Keen - he is so honest, caring and comforting; I will say when I have given bad news about someone he knows I care about, he has cried for me and with me. I have to say he is 100% accurate about my work situation as 6 months ago he said there would be major changes with management and detailed the events at that time. I forgot about it but in the last month ALL his predictions have happened, almost to the day and in the manner he predicted. He is the best.

Wow!! Psychic Andrew is honest and extremely accurate and is super kind as well! I will definitely be calling him back because of his honesty, accuracy and integrity. He is also true to his word and gives the five free minutes after a ten minute call. Thank you Andrew, I feel so much better after having talked with you.

Sometimes I can't always read my boyfriend, but Andrew always can. No matter how complex the circumstances. Whatever he says makes sense to me and actually works with my boyfriend. Andrew takes what I'm confused about and makes it simple.

When I first spoke to Andrew, I knew instantly that he was not pulling my leg or telling me things that I just wanted to hear to make me feel better. He didnt sugarcoat anything, he was straight forward but in a compassionate way. The things that told me, I could not fight back the tears from rolling down my face, but he gave me the answers that I needed to help me make a decision that I already knew deep down inside that I needed to make.What steps Andrew apart from others, right after the call he sent an email top follow up with what it was he was telling me. He didnt just give you some news that you didnt want to hear and left you with your heart in your hand. He is Great.

Psychic Andrew was one of the best readers I have ever spoke to. It was as if he had been a long time friend that has been a third party knowing the detailed ins and outs of my relationship with my husband. Its as if he had been a witness to our relationship all along. He was very accurate and honest and very caring. I would highly recommend a reading with Andrew. He is a very caring individual who seems to genuinely want to help you to understand and to cope and feel content with your situation. I felt a sense of peace when I hung up the phone. He truly was a blessing and a light at a sad dark time. Thank You



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Hi I just visited your website page for a free question to answer. Shall appreciate to receive your advice very soon. More power to you
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Always happy to answer one free simple email question about you in the present
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