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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.
Men Think Act And Feel differently Than Women. They Read Differently As Well. Read This And Learn How

Men read differently than women. Men think, act, and develop romantic feelings differently and at a different pace than women do. Reading your man's thoughts, feelings, and intentions are different than reading the thoughts and feelings and intentions of a women. I am a male psychic - clairvoyant and can not only read men with a male psychics understanding, but I am able to interpret and convey a man's thoughts and feelings to a women in a unique style that will allow you to understand him better. The best part is that I can tell you his intentions. Yes intentions, what he is thinking he is going to do. Is he going to continue the relationship or pull away, does he want just a friend, a dating partner, or is looking to share his life with another.

Men take longer than women in most cases to develop romantic feelings, they also take more time to develop these feelings. Women can sometimes, in just a short period of time, know how they feel and where they want this relationship to go, but unfortunately most men take so much longer.
You would be so surprised how long it can take for a man you met and are dating to even start thinking about what's going on, and where things are headed. When I read your man I will tell you where his head is at, what he is thinking about you and your relationship, or in some cases if he is not  thinking yet about this. Men tend to just go with the flow and enjoy the moments when it comes to relationships, not realizing that their lack of putting thought into this may be hurting or confusing the women.

This causes problems because a women, who has already said to herself that she wants to be with this man, can sit and start wondering why he is not acting the way she may be feeling and acting towards him. This can cause women to start thinking that the man is not interested in her, or that there is something else wrong. Then comes the domino effect as I call it. The women gets worried she puts out those negative vibrations that the man feels, hears, and sometimes see's. The women starts acting differently, trying to figure out why he is not at the same place as she is, and starts saying or doing things that may just be because of the time line, past relationships, and other communication issues. Hence the man feels this and he get nervous, wondering what he has got himself into and why his women that he does like is acting that way, and he starts backing away or acting strange, or the communication does not stay fluid.
Hence the domino effect

What I have written above has ruined so many relationships that may have worked out great if only the women would have called me for a reading so I could let her know where he was as far as his time line goes, his feelings, his thoughts, and the most important, his intentions if he even has any yet.. You do not want to waste time with a man that will never get there but you also do not want to toss away or
self destruct a relationship that is to the man new or fresh and is feeling good about it so far. This seems to be one of the biggest questions I get, one of the biggest problems I encounter and one of the easiest to fix. Just call me before acting on your feelings or your past experiences with other men. Everyone is different, men are individual and if a man acts like another you knew before it does not mean that he is going to do the same thing as the previous man did before so be careful about comparisons.

Do not wait until it is too late to fix or understand where your man is. If you wait until things get damaged or broken  it makes it much harder to fix, so please call me before the problem manifests in your mind or in real life. Call me before you get upset with him, and tell him your upset, worried or before you start acting differently to try to initiate some response from him. Men are so different inside their minds.
Even myself being a male find this so interesting and amazing.

When I read a women's mind, her thoughts and feelings there are so many compared to a mans. lets call these thoughts boxes in a women's head, many different boxes all with different labels, each label a thought or feeling. Women are the better of the species in my mind. I feel of the two sexes women are more complex in the way they think and process information. Just as an example a women may have 36 boxes in her head, labeled love, loneliness, romantic feelings, work, the past, looks, health, family, romance, intimacy, and on and on. This is a good thing not bad thing  but it is different than many men, most men in fact.

Men have lets say 6 boxes, labeled money, job, sex, food, friends, sports, and oh yes sex again, and eventually a box called relationship. Simple it is, and yes men are simple, men may be stubborn and you may need to hit them over the head with a baseball bat to get them to think about something like romance, but to start with, they only have a few things going on, they think day by day, or even moment by moment and are very slow when it comes to filling that relationship box. Now once again let me say that I am generalizing, some men, a few, are more complex than that and some women, a few are more simple then I described, but they are so different in the way they think about things especially love, romance, dating and such.

Men prioritize things differently. To a man money, job, food, comes before romance  especially in the very start of dating, way before. Women not so much, as we know love conquers all right?
A man never thinks like that. A women can say I like him, he likes me, we can get through anything together so what is the problem. Smart and true but to a man,
If a man is not financially stable, or is having any other personal issues and does not feel his life is in a good place, then the relationship is going to take a back seat until he, all by himself can figure out what to do to better his individual situation. To most men two people are not better than one in figuring things out and fixing them.
This is a bad problem and I can help you make this better quickly.

 Everything I have written here is based on tens of thousands of readings. I am after all called "The Romance Psychic" and I specialize in love and relationship readings so I have a very  large sampling of men and women and their thought patterns and time lines. I am also a man myself, so that alone can help you when asking for advice if you want advice but it is all in the interpretation and the delivery of this information to a female clients that makes a reading with me so much better and so much more informative and helpful.

Men will always come on strong and fast in the start of the relationship and they will say almost anything they think you may want to hear.
He will be like gangbusters for the first few weeks or months and then things will settle to normal, his normal anyway and that is also an issue.
This change will throw women off. They notice the change and almost immediately start thinking that something is wrong, that he is over her, tired of her, does not have feelings, changed his mind about how he said he felt. Women notice changes in patterns, even small ones, men are oblivious to this, they do not notice that you did not call at a certain time or day. They do not even realize that they stopped calling everyday like they did in the beginning of the dating cycle.

 A women if she notices that a man went from calling twice a day, or texting twice a day, goes to once a day or misses a day, will automatically go into panic of some sort, or at the very least start worrying about things and hence here comes the domino effect. The man by the way may very well be thinking that nothing is wrong, he just slowed to his normal pace and is not even realizing this, he may be so happy with you that he is just relaxed and enjoying things. and all that time you are sitting there playing these negative movies in your mind about what happened, what did you do, what is he doing, what has happened and so on and on. These movies that you make in your head, well they are the real danger to the relationship. If it is not a great positive movie you are going to cause a problem, because what you think and focus on will manifest itself, so get this fixed now. call me when the movies start playing.

STOP and do not freak out, more than likely nothing is wrong, he may even be getting more comfortable with you and that is a very positive thing. How do you know though. How can you tell if there is really a problem, you cant just do nothing.

 You call me and let me read you, and him through you, and tell you what is going on. You do not wait until you have totally convinced yourself that something is wrong. You do not wait until you start playing those movies in your head about other women, about how he stopped his interest in you, or so many other variations. I cant blame a women for this because of the way a women thinks or processes information. It is different and more complex than a man. There is no other way for a women to think when something seems out of the norm or when  there  is a change, or something he is doing is "out of character.
I said a change not a problem and that is the key. Finding out if indeed there is a problem or if it is just a normal change is the solution.

That is where I come in. I am so honest to the point of blunt. I am going to tell you exactly what he is thinking about you, how he is feeling about your relationship and what his intentions are if he has any, or has any yet. Like I said I do not want you wasting your time but I also do not want you to throw in the towel because you think he may be about to do that, when in fact he is just sitting at home eating a pizza, watching television and thinking all is fine with you and him. remember he is a man.

When he is with you, actually with you in person he is thinking about you, when he is not, he is usually thinking about something else, he is in one of his other 5 boxes. Women on the other hand, after a man let say leaves for the night or is not with her, well a women's mind can hold that thought and feeling of the man and hang onto that feeling. men just do not do that. If your out of site your basically out of mind. This is not a bad thing it is just a guy thing. These are just a very few differences between men and women, and if you would like to learn about your man, or men in general I am the psychic for you. I do not sugar coat, I do not tell you fortune cookie predictions, I tell you what the other person is thinking and feeling about you and the relationship, where you both are in the relationship, and based on those thoughts feelings and intentions of you both can give you a very accurate prediction about what will happen with the relationship.

I can also, and here's the great news, tell you how to fix things, keep things good, help you stay focused on what you should be focused on. I can talk you down off the ledge when you are thinking something is wrong when is reality nothing is wrong. You can change a prediction in many cases. Read this post about predictions when you get a chance if you have not already done so. It will help you get the best reading ever. One that is real and makes sense to you. One that will help you not just make you feel ok for a moment. I give great, real, accurate psychic readings. No fairytales, no sugar coating and lots of help when asked so you can make yourself happy and not be unhappy, worried or upset. I truly am real and different, and a man. If you have not had a reading with me, or not had a reading with me lately call or chat me now.

With all that said remember, everyone is different, I doo not mean to generalize, not every women, nor every man, has these thought processes, just most.

This is the link for the post about predictions and how you can change them.

Here are my contact details, link too my main page and yes, please read both my feedback and the warning on the bottom of this page. Love And Light Andrew

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I Am A 100% Truthful Psychic. I Do Not Tell Fairy-Tale Stories,
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I Am Real Psychic Who Will Give You Real Answers To Your Questions.
If You Can't Handle The Truth I May Not Be The Psychic For You.
I can also help you with solutions to your problems if asked and
as a male psychic I can interpret men on a very different level.

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