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I love when things work out and I wanted to share this story with my family of clients.
First let me start off by Congratulating Sheila on her engagement, Congratulations.

Sometimes I wonder if I am really helping people when I read for them but today I know I have. One of my longtime clients is getting married. This in itself is a big deal but I must share the story with you all and yes I have My clients permission.

One of my very first clients here on keen first called me when she was having trouble in her marriage, she asked me what was going to happen and at the time I told her the honest truth. This is hard sometime but I told her that things would get better but then there would be a problem that would cause her to have to make some choice.

Time went by and things started to get better..for a while anyway but then without going into the dirty details I received a call from her in tears asking me what she should do. I told her what I felt from her husband and from her and told her that although this was her decision that if she did decide to get divorced things would be better.

After a while she did just that. She was scared as anyone should be not knowing what was ahead but I told her that I saw her in a new home with happiness around her and that she would have a new life in every way.

She is a very strong person and while going through the grief that everyone goes through, she found herself a cute little apartment, a new job, and started doing things just for herself. She asked me if I saw anyone new coming into her life and on that phone call I did not see anyone but I told her that she needed to make herself happy and let her positive energy flow. She did just that.
I did not hear from her for months and then I received a phone call from her all exited about a new man she met.
I read for her and read around him and I felt so bad telling her that I thought he might be married or involved with someone. She laughed said no way and hung up leaving me bad feedback...

Three weeks later I get another call from her. She said "I Was Right He Is Married" I read more and told her that although things were bad now that I saw her meeting someone else around water and fish. She did not live near water and she did not fish so this was strange for her to hear but I told what I saw and I told her that I saw her with this man and that she looked so very happy.

About a month later she called again....She met this new man. While she was out eating Chinese food with her girlfriend a man approached her on her way out and asked her if she would have a drink with him. She normally would have said no but when she looked down she saw a pond at the entrance to the restaurant with fish in it and bells rang out in her head remembering what I had told her.

She had one drink with him and her girlfriend exchanged Numbers and went on her way. Weeks passed and she called me asking about the man and why he did not call her. I said did you try calling him? she said yes but the number he gave her was not his. I said I think the number is wrong and that I thought it was a mistake. I told her I felt this man would call but she figured that things have not worked out so far so she kind of just ignored what I said. I told her to try using my "Spiritual Focus" lesson for a week or so and try to focus on him calling her.

Well she did, I actually had to speak with her twice to get her to use the lesson. Two days later I get another call from her. She said he called her, that he was out the country on business and that he wanted to see her.

I told her that was great and to call me after the date and she did. when I read for her I was able to see many things about this man. They seemed to have a great connection and one of the things I said I saw was a ferris wheel. Just a random vision of this but I saw it so I told her this. Months went by they dated, had a few problems as all relationships do. There was some back and fourth with him but eventually they started talking every day and seeing each other almost every other day. Things went well and I heard from her a couple more times during this period telling me things were good and asking me how he felt bout her. The connection felt great and I could tell that he had amazing feelings for her.

Now comes the great part, She just spoke to me, she was out with her man, they had went for dinner and on the way to the car he pulled her by the hand over to a carnival that was next door. Actually it was some type of food festival that had rides like a carnival. She was not sure what was going on but she could tell he was nervous. She said she started get worried because things had been very good lately and she was thinking that it was almost too good to be true.

He got up from the bench and right there got down on his knee and proposed to her. Well to her shock and amazement as she was looking at the ring she noticed the sparkle of the diamond and in the background of the bench right behind it was a ferris wheel. She said yes, she would marry him and they even planned a date to get married. I love happy endings and she will live with him happily ever after.

The moral of the story is not that I can predict things, not that I get glimpses of places, not that my spiritual focus lessons work, but that when things are at their worst you have to pick yourself up, make yourself happy, and allow the positive energies to flow from within you and great things will happen to you. Also realize that time heals everything, that things change and when they do they change fast, and no matter how bad things may be for you sometimes they can and will get better as long as you believe in yourself and know that you have the power to manifest your own destiny.


I'm a very honest Psychic and many times I have to give information that is not so great to hear, but it does help you make decisions that in the long run work out for the best. I love happy endings and happy stories and I anted to share this with all of you. Love and Light, and may you be the next happy story I hear about


Your Psychic Andrew

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