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Should You Call Him First Or Wait For Him To Call You Every Situation Is Different Don't Make A Mistake

I have heard from many of my female clients that they have either heard from friends or other advisors that it is always best to wait for your man to call you, that after a fight or disagreement, or after a date even.

I have been told that so many times that I felt the need to write this so that not only can you understand the myth but understand this whole who calls who mystery from a male point of view.

Before I begin I want to make it clear that there are many instances when you must go silent. This should not be confused with waiting for him to call. There are times when you cant call because a man may feel threatened or a man may feel to pressured or overwhelmed by your call but these times are not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about that theory or advice given so many times that says he needs to come toward you, or that he needs to make the first move. Most of this is about footing, who has the upper hand in the relationship, who bends first. This is absolutely ridiculous. This in most cases, not all the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Men do not always realize that you have feelings for them despite things you have said or done it is important to build them up, to reassure them that you do like them and one of the bestways to do this is by calling them.

There are times as I mentioned before when you may not want to call them, but this is usually for different reasons, long term goals, and each and every situation is different from another. I am speaking of that general information and thought that many females have especially advisors that you want to wait for the man to call you first and as a general rule this causes more problem for relationships than anything else.

You need to think about your man thinking the same thing as you, thinking that you might not really have the level of feelings you do and he sits and waits for your call. Sometimes when following the rule of not calling first you destroy any and all hope of ever speaking with him again. Now I realize that sometimes you don’t want to call because you don’t want to be rejected again, or feel that your going to get a negative response and this I can understand but think for a moment, if you have not spoken to your man in a few days and it seems as though he is not going to call you then what in the world do you have to lose by calling him. He is already not with you, he has all ready went silent so what is the worst that can happen, you can put yourself in the same situation your in now, no contact. But and this is the big part of this information, if you do take the plunge and make that call you might and will in many cases be very surprised at the response you get and the truth is you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Here is the part that I am very compelled to explain. Every situation is different, every reading, every man, every relationship so before you decide what to do I suggest you give me a call or another psychic and maybe not a female psychic if you have been getting the don’t call him advice from her. I cant say that it is not the right move to wait but I can say for the most part that you need to think very hard about not calling. It is not an automatic thing. You must consult your advisor and ask why shouldn’t I call. Sometimes you don’t call because it is part of a long term plan to get your man back or your relationship going again but I just keep hearing too many of my new clients and some of my existing family of clients saying that they feel that he should make the first move and I tell you this as an advisor and a man this is not always the path to go so make sure you feel that not calling him has a real reason behind it and your not just playing a game that you are not understanding completely.

Men think, act, and respond so much differently than women do and that is one of the reasons that I belive that everyone who consults an advisor should consult a male advisor at least once to get the male opinion, the feeling from your man interpreted by a man and see the real difference between readings. My main point here is that I know that throughout many years I have always heard the wait for him to call you after your date, or a fight, or a trip he took, or in many other circumstances. Don’t feel that not making that call first is a standard response. It can hurt your relationship more that help it. If you are unsure of this or what you should really do then please take 5 minutes and allow me to read for you and allow me to give you the male point of view after reading him and the situation. Yes maybe you should be waiting for him to call, but the truth is most of the time you should not be waiting, not if you really want that man that makes your heart sing. Love and Light PsychicAndrew

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