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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.
Spiritual Focus Lesson Posted For My Clients. Manifest What You Want To Happen. Psychic Andrew

As most of my clients know I teach and lecture on a technique I call "Spiritual Focus".This technique helps unlock the psychic powers we all have inside of us and along with our connections with other people and situations allow us to manifest what and who we want, as well as a way to change situations that we want to change.

I have 12 in all, , This is the one that I believe will help you the most and give you the main idea of how this technique works. It is very simple but very strong and very powerful. Use with care, always positive, and you must believe 100%.

Spiritual Focus Lesson #1

This lesson will helps you to change the time line of your life, bring new things into it, bring lost loves back into your life, improve or re establish contact, and make current romances better by bringing the other person closer to you, and even speed up the natural flow of your life. Please accept this as a gift from me to you that you will never, ever forget.

This technique does all the things above and more and even has a side effect. The side effect is that it will help unlock the Psychic Gifts that we all have inside of us. It will strengthen your "Psychic Muscle" It is very important to believe and understand that we all have these psychic powers in each of us but not all of us use them or believe we have them.

So think of it as a muscle or part of your brain that is not used, and understand that now you will be using it, and like any muscle it will grow stronger with use.

I think of my gifts as both spiritual and scientific, between the lines of a spiritual plane and of Quantum Mechanics, or Quantum Physics but I use the words "Spiritual Focus" because I think it's more the way most of my clients think about psychic's and the gifts we have, and I need to be able to connect with you on this so you believe 100% in what these lessons can do.

I could and will if asked explain more of the scientific part but for now this will help you understand and believe which is the key to all my lessons.

Belief and Understanding. Knowing you can have what you want, not hope, not maybe, but knowing that you alone can with your own thoughts and mind change and alter the course of your life and in doing so help to change the thoughts and actions of others.

If you would like to get a handle on the scientific part of what I believe, then rent a video called "What The Bleep-Down The Rabbit Hole". This video will give you a glimpse of what we can do with our minds, how things really work in our world, and the worlds around us, and how just belief and faith can change things. The video is just about the pure science of our lives and the incredible possibilities of things that the power our brains and ourselves can accomplish and manifest if we choose to do so.

"Spiritual Focusing" named after the technique itself. I choose this as the first lesson because it will help you now more than later, and do more for your understanding of my readings and the understanding that you can change or modify your future. Many people believe that their lives and predictions in general are written in stone, like a movie already made and in the can

This is only true if you do absolutely nothing to change it. Remember I can tell you what is ahead of you in your life, and predict what will happen, given the fact that you do nothing to change the future. The fact is just hearing and knowing what is ahead of you can change or warp the path of your future, I call this your time line., that is why from time to time your readings change, and the reason that different Psychic's at different times predict things in a different way. This lesson will not only help get your own psychic muscles moving and help

unlock your own psychic abilities, but this lesson and technique can help bring a lost loved one back into your life, get them to call you or make contact with you, bring in money, or a new job, and just about get you anything you want in life. So as a first lesson it has a big bang. One ting though you must believe 100%. If you do this you can and will change things for the better. Understand that for the better may not be exactly what you want, that is where karma comes in, karma is like the director your life’s movie and it likes re writes but when it see's something that just must be to make your life movie turn out for the best it will intervene. That is why it is very important to have good karma, positive thoughts and energy around you at all times. Always be positive, the glass is always half full never half empty and karma, G-D, faith, Or whatever or however you believe will never let you down.

Remember 100% faith and belief in what you are learning here and now. These power's all work together, you have so much power you could never really understand all the gifts we each have been given

The first thing to understand is that our Psychic powers are not magic and neither are these lessons and technique, I believe it is a combination of spirituality, vibrations, the connection between people and some pure brain science. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics’ is a newly discovered science that without getting into all the details explains that just by thinking, observing or concentrating on certain things we can change the way they act, react, and yes even think. We all have the powers to change things, change the movie of our lives’ in many ways and for many things. I believe Psychic powers come from a part of our brain that just lays dormant most of the time, in some people it is more prevalent such as in myself but I am also a 4th generation

psychic, my mother, great and grand were all psychic or clairvoyant in some way. I have also been using my gifts for over twenty years and have learned to control and use them with better focus and understanding of what I am doing, the fact is that everyone including yourself can do all this as well, it just takes practice and belief. It‘s like working out your psychic muscle. The lessons however have more to do with connections to people, vibrations that we all transmit and the time and way we focus on certain thing and certain people. The stronger your connection to a person the better the lessons and techniques work for you.

You must understand and believe 100% that you and I ,and everyone has the power to control their life and things around them to make things manifest, to "bring things in" as they say. So lets start with a sample lesson. I think is the most useful of all of my lessons especially since most my readings are about romance and relationships.The lessons will help you get the most from my readings and better results from my predictions, you can if needed even change a prediction, that is why when I am asked a question I am 1000%

honest so you know the truth, have the inside information on what someone is thinking and feeling so you know what to focus on.Let us take for example you just called me and told me that the person you have been seeing has stopped calling you or slowed down on his communication with you. This is an easy one and works very quickly at times as long as the feelings he has for you are present. He may be busier these days thinking about money or other problems so he has not thought much about his relationship and has not called much. Men do this all the time even if they have very strong feelings for you.

So here is what you would do to get him to call you or communicate with you. First you get yourself very relaxed. Thinking only of positive calls that you have had with him in the past not negative ones, you never want to think negatively you always want to project positive energy. We are all just made up of water and energy, remember that.

The time you start your focusing is important, it should be when you first lay down to go to sleep. You are in a more relaxed state and your brain waves are starting to change.When your wide awake your brain waves are in Beta, as you get more relaxed they slow and change to Alpha, then to a meditative state called theta, and then as your falling asleep you go

into a suggestive dreamless non REM sleep brain wave called Delta. You want your brain waves to be anywhere from Alpha to Theta and hopefully on some occasions even after you think your asleep into Delta, Beta, Alpha and Theta are good and this allows us to start manifesting and focusing on what we want. So as you lay down at night, relax yourself as if you were going to sleep and yes go to sleep but as your doing that start thinking of him or her calling you. Be as detailed as possible, if you have seen his phone picture that phone, picture the way he dials,

picture your number on his screen if it is a cell phone or a phone with a screen and then picture him saying whatever you want him to say. Be detailed and shoot for the moon. In other words if you were using this to focus on getting a car, think Ferrari not beetle.

Just keep focusing on this like making a movie over and over again until your asleep and do this every single night, or day if you sleep in the day.Now what we did above is send out signals, vibrations, transmission to a person who has a connection with you. Like a radio like a CB both tuned to the same frequency, that is where the stronger your connection with someone comes in. The stronger you are connected the better this works.

WE just sent out a Spiritual Focus Transmission to someone to get them to call you, if they text you picture them texting you, email picture them emailing you and use as much detail as you can.That was great for getting someone to call you, you can use it for anything. want someone your seeing to take you out more, than focus on that and use detail. Think of the place, how he dresses, what he says when he asks you out and just keep doing this. This technique works for everything, communication, how someone acts, how they feel about you, getting them less

frightened of moving to the next step and just about anything you can think of including but not limited to Jobs, Money ,Health, Friendship, anything. Now you have the basic picture and if you need more info, or need to know what specifically you should be focusing on that is where I come in. Call me, Ill tell you what he or she is thinking or feeling and what steps you should focus on first. Knowing how the other person feels about you, what he is thinking about you, and all the other things you need to know I can answer for you. You see I can predict, answer questions psychically, but I can also show you how you can change the path your on and make things better. Not only with my lessons but with my gifts, my unique male point of view,

and that fact that a male psychic can interpret what another man is thinking and feeling better than most female psychic's Predictions and Solutions that is really what you want. You want to know the truth but you also need to know how and if you can possibly make things better or change things and in most cases you can do just that.


This is much more than positive thinking or visualization but it is that too. It is a part of it. Once you start using this simple technique other gifts will reveal themselves and you will start to feel many positive changes in your mind body and spirit and yes your real life. Some people start hearing things, seeing future events, picking up on what people are thinking. Do not get scared by these gifts, they can be very strong sometimes, and when you awaken the psychic muscle these gifts, or powers may come fast and strong so please be prepared and never be

scared of them, they are all good, and all positive.

Let's Recap

"Spiritual Focusing"Lesson#1 first decide what you want to change or bring in. You may focus on many things but to start choose only one thing and stay with it before focusing on someone or something else. There will be a time when you can focus in on many things at once but lets start slow as to give this the best chance of working faster and changing in your life the things that you want to change. When it’s time for you to go to sleep it is time to do this Exercise, it is time to start spiritually focusing on what you want to manifest

Lay down, rest and try to pinpoint that time when your just about to fall sleep. This is the time your brain is the most relaxed and receptive to this technique. That’s when you are to begin, start by focusing on what you want or who you want. Start by picturing that person, job or thing. For the sake of this lesson we will be bringing in a person or lost loved one, but if it’s money, health or job you want to bring in or fix then just replace the person you are thinking about with the job or health issue. You will get the idea very quickly here.

Start with the basic stuff, such as what they look like, what they sound like. Then focus deeper, begin to think about what you want them to do or say, if your trying to get them to contact

you picture the phone they are using or the computer if they contact you via the INTERNET. Imagine what they sound like and exactly what you want them to say. Detail is very important, if you know what their phone looks like picture it, if not form a mental picture of what you think it looks like and stick with that. The more detail the better. Begin like that but do this every night, building upon your initial focus using more and more detail. Imagine it as if you were fantasizing, building the story chapter by chapter until you can imagine them there and acting like you want them too. Picture them saying what you want to hear and doing what you want them to do. Showing you their love like you want them too and do this over and over and over from the beginning to the end every night just as you fall asleep.

The more you do this the stronger your focus will become and the faster the thing or person that you are focusing on will come true and be brought forward in your life. You will notice that this works better than you can imagine and that small things of course come in faster and stronger than big things and remember that free will has a lot to do with it. This is important so remember it:!!! YOU ARE NOT CONTROLLING ANOTHER PERSON JUST YOUR LIFE. It's seems like your making them do something but your not, your basically changing your life and your reality, the fact that they seem to do what you want them to do, or act the way you want them to act is an after effect of your focusing. If someone loves you and is thinking of being with you it is

easier to get that person than one that does not love you or want to be with you. I am not sure why anyone would want someone that does not want them, love them or want to be with them anyway, but to each his own. Its hard to overcome someone's free will but I have even seen that work with people that have strong vibrations and powers and have the belief and understanding that allows this technique to work.

I am not the best typist and my grammar at times as well as spelling is not the best but I want to communicate all of this to you the way I think about it or the way I would say it so everything will be a little out of whack when it comes to proper English. I call this Psychic shorthand so my apologies up front. LOL. You can always call me live for information and personal lessons, just remember, we are all psychic and all have these powers, use them, believe in them and the possibilities are endless.Use your gifts carefully and only for good. You are now on the most magnificent journey you will ever embark on. You are now about to begin using your own psychic powers to enhance your life and manifest anything and everything you ever imagined. Love and Light Psychic Andrew

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