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The Original "Romance Psychic". I am a male psychic. I specialize in psychic romance and love readings . By using my gifts I can tell you what someone is thinking and feeling about you and your relationship and help you use that to obtain true love.

Are you in a virtual relationship? Be careful when you answer this question because it is easy to slip into one without even realizing it. Do you and your love interest communicate more via text, internet, chat and phone than you do in person. This can be a huge problem in growing your relationship and even damaging one. Please take a moment and read this.

This subject has been coming up quite a bit in my relationship readings so I thought I would take some time and answer a few questions that seem to be at the heart of what is a growing problem. The question really is, are you really in a relationship or just in a virtual relationship and what can you do to make things real.

Please understand that I am not talking about internet dating. Internet dating is when you are looking for a person to share your physical life with via an internet dating or matching site. These days we just do not have the time we may have  in the past to go out to real places and meet real people in a real physical environment. Please notice how I am using the word "real" here because the fact is that if you are immersed in an almost all or totally all relationship with someone on-line it is not a "real" relationship, it is virtual. It is perfectly acceptable and fine to visit dating sites in order to meet other people that are looking for real relationships, who want to use that site or that venue to engage and discover other individuals who are looking to meet one another for real time meetings that hopefully can lead to real time romances, relationships and even marriages.

The big problem is what happens after you meet someone online, how long do you continue to learn about that person on-line, how long should you continue to engage that person in an on-line only situation. Be careful these virtual relationships can and do become very addictive. I have read for many people that are in very long time relationships with people they have never  even met in real life, or that they have seen only once or twice in the real physical world and are now living their lives via an on-line virtual relationship is that is not just unhealthy but does not lead to what they really want in their lives..

This is not healthy and does not lead to real relationships. Its more along the lines of having a pen pal. If your looking for real love, a real person to share your life with, then this long term virtual world of relationships, "virtual relationships", as I call them, may be stopping you from reaching your goal of having a real person to share your life with in the real world.

First let me say that there is nothing wrong with getting to know someone on-line for a month or even a bit more before meeting them, but after that amount of  time if you have not seen each other, have not had a real time date, then you are more than likely wasting your time.
Many people get so caught up in these virtual relationships that they actually grow, or think they have grown, very strong feelings for the other person, and in most cases it is really just one sided, which is even worse.

let us assume though that both people have some how developed feelings for the each other. How real can these feeling be? You have not even been able to touch the other person, to be with them in the same room, to see if you are compatibles in the real world, to see if that attraction you have found in the virtual world is the same in the real world. 

We all know people tend to not disclose everything about themselves on-line and well that is one of the reasons they prefer this online or virtual life.
Be careful women, some men are only wanting a virtual relationship. There are a few women as well that only want virtual but I have found that it is mostly men who tend to sit behind their computers or cell phones and develop their virtual girlfriend, or even worse girlfriends. If you have not met them in person how do you know what the other person is really like.
What doo you really know about this other person. If you have not seen them on live video and just a picture was provided you how do you even know if it is them, or if that picture is twenty years old, or if they are even the same sex they say they are. yes this really happens, trust me.

We are all human beings and we are not meant to be alone. Our species is meant to be with another person and this is the goal of most people, to find that amazing person who wants to share their life together, with us, hopefully forever. It sounds so simple, but as we all know it is not. In order to meet the right person we must meet many people. It is very rare that the first person we meet in life will be our partner forever. You have to make it through a few toads, maybe even many toads to get to the prince, or the princess. This is normal, so when you say to yourself  "how come I cant find the right person ever" realize that it is normal, you have to keep moving ahead so that karma can have the opportunity to put the perfect person in our life path. Give yourself and karma that chance, that opportunity and you can and will find that person or they will find you.

The problem I am seeing is that many people in this age of text, chat, internet, on-line vide, and all that other stuff, are wasting precious time on "Virtual Relationships" that will never end in them being together with the other person. That is a huge, huge problem in society these days and you need to take a hard look at what you are doing, and make sure you are not caught in that endless loop of internet or virtual relationships because they just are not real no matter what you think you feel for the other person.

This is just a movie you have made in your mind. There is no way that you can have real feelings for someone you have never met in person. If you say that you have real feelings for someone you have not yet met in person you need to check yourself, take a hard look in the mirror and realize that it is because you want this so much you have actually created in your mind something that in reality does not exist. Your making movies in your mind.
This may be more of a fantasy than a reality. Do not settle for fantasy, having that special person you can hold, hug, kiss, touch, and be with is really what you want and need and is so much better because it is real.

Reality, "real" is the opposite of virtual and virtual is the opposite real "reality" and as hard is it may be too accept, that it is the truth, that is fact. You may have virtual feelings for them, but they are not real or reality feelings they are, just what they are, "virtual feelings".

Men tend to use these virtual feelings to keep their virtual girlfriends on the hook, so that when they need that ego stroke, feeling of power, control or whatever else they get from this on-line scenario, they can just type a few lines of text or chat and have that without the responsibilities of being in a real relationship. Without putting in the real effort it takes to get to know and hopefully love another person.

As a base rule, and If after 6 weeks of virtual communication you have not yet met that person in real life, chances are, you are never going to, so if you are looking for a real relationship with someone you can hug, kiss, share meals and your life with, make sure you do not get caught up in one of these situations and waste your valuable time.

If you feel that you may be in one of these virtual relationships and want too make sure that you are not wasting time, or make sure you are not throwing in the towel to soon I suggest you give me a call and allow me to read for you, read the situation, the other persons real thoughts and feelings, and the most important aspect of all, their intentions.
Do they ever really intend to ever  make this into a real, ongoing, long lasting or forever type of real romance or relationship. Just because it may make you feel good to chat, text, or otherwise engage in this virtual relationship does not mean that it is healthy. Drugs make you feel good too, but we all know they are additive and bad for you. make sure your relationship is real and healthy and not just virtual and addictive. Do not let yourself become a virtual relationship addict as many men have become these days.

 Do not laugh about this, this is a serious problem facing many people these days. You meet someone on-line, or even in person once or twice, and then it just becomes a virtual relationship. You never see them in person, you just continue to share thoughts, feelings and emotions via a virtual world. It feels real to many people, after all you are sharing your feelings with each other right? well no, not exactly, you may be sharing yours, but is the other person really telling you the truth, the whole truth about tem or their feelings?

Is this other person even single?, are they available, do they want anything more. Who are they really, where are they. This is no joke. I have clients who are in relationships with other people who they have either never met in person or only met once, and they have been in these virtual relationships for years. yes years, and this is just not healthy if you are really looking for someone to share your life with. Be careful not to get caught up in this trap.

I realize that every situation is different and unique, but at some point you need to take a hard look at these virtual relationships and use someone such as myself to read the situation, and tell you about the other person.
To allow you to understand what is really happening and if indeed you are going to wind up together in a real relationship or if you are just wasting your time. I do not want you to lose an opportunity to be with the person of your dreams, but I also do not want you to waste time with men, or women who have no intention whatsoever of being with you in a real life situation.

What I wrote about above is virtual relationships, but more precisely about people who have not seen each other yet or many times. There is also another problem as well that I am going to write another post about, and you may very well be in this next category and not the first.
The next situation you need to be careful about is how much time you are spending on-line or via text, chat or phone, with someone that you have been seeing in person, or that you have seen in person and now you are just getting mostly a virtual experience and the real life stuff has faded away.

You also have to make sure that if you are in a relationship, a real physical relationship, that you are not trying to extend that real relationship too much via texting and or phone. If you are seeing someone, in a healthy relationship, you can damage that relationship by trying to keep that person with you all the time by texting them morning noon and night. This also is not healthy. Especially when it comes to us men. We will run away from a women who is constantly trying to keep tabs on us via our cell phones or other virtual devices. Be careful also of men who want to track you constantly as well, and get used to the texting and phoning and stop seeing you in person as much as they were in the beginning of your relationship.

I have helped so many people make their lives better, improve their relationships, help them to find their path to the right person and I would love to help you as well.
If you are reading this, and some or all of this applies to you, or your situation, then do yourself a favor and give me a call and allow me to read for you. I can help you understand not only what the other person is thinking and feeling, but I can tell you this through a male psychic's point of view.
I can tell you how us men tend to work. I can tell you where things are headed, and how if needed to change the path your on and make things better. To make thing more real and enjoyable.

I hope that you have enjoyed my post above and please look for the next post on elongating our relationships via texting and the dangers of that in my next post. This is also a huge problem these days and we need to make sure we do not get caught up in anything that is unhealthy and addictive even f it feels good for the moment. I am old enough to remember the days before cell phones and the internet, where we met people in person. It may not have been easier as technology has made meeting new people easier but in many ways I feel it was better, ore personal and more loving.

We are not in those days any longer, and we are indeed living in a world of  text, video, and many other technological advances, but true love is still true love, and a real solid relationship with someone who you care for and who cares for you is still what we want and aspire to have in our lives.
 Everyone should agree with that. I am a hopeful romantic, but I do believe in always telling my family of clients the real truth because real truth helps you the most.
With love and light
Psychic Andrew


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