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Angel Writing for Health, Wealth and Happiness!
One of the simplest ways that I know of to make life begin to move into a positive direction is a spiritual technique called "Angel Writing". I first read about it when I bought a book by the great New Thought writer, Catherine Ponder, and when I remember to use it, the technique always brings about great rewards. One of the things to remember about our existence is that we really do have a Guardian Angel set over each of us, as well as our own Angels of healing, love, wealth, etc. Everything we need is just waiting to be given to us by these awesome helpers in the Spirit World.
An example of this would be to write a letter to your Angel of Wealth to help you get a new job that you want. Angels will always help you if you write down your requests and remember that they must be "For the highest good of all concerned". Angels will only work for the good of all, so asking for anything that would hurt another person is strictly forbidden, and in fact can draw bad luck upon the person who desires to do wrong to another. Always ask for your wishes with ultimate love, humility and with the desire to share.
You can also use this technique to bring about healing for other people. For example, if a wife is having problems with her husband being excessively controlling or unreasonable, she could write a letter to her husband's Angel of Personality, and ask the Angel to help her husband become more loving and tolerant. You can be very creative, and use this technique whenever you are having troubles in any area. Give it a try! You may find that the letter needs to be written more than once, and you may have to change your approach as you go along, but I know that connecting with the Angels will enrich your life beyond measure.
Our Angels are always at the ready to help us overcome any obstacle in our life, no matter how tough. They are just waiting to be asked, so please give this technique a try and let me know of your miracles, as I know that there will be many!
I would be honored to do a reading for you, and help you on your path to all of the blessings that are meant for each and every one of us here on Earth.
Love and blessings to you,
Psychic Shechinah
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