Tarot Card For Feb 7th * The Cage *
When the 10 appears, it is a clear signal to be careful about where you put your trust. When we see the 10 of swords come up, it is a good idea to ask yourself the question, as to whether you can believe what a person is telling you, or trust that a situation is stable, this is a pretty clear answer of "no." However, try to bear in mind that whenever a door closes, another door opens. You are being guided to a situation that is better for you. Trust yourself and trust in the universe.

Love: In relation to love questions, this is sadly not a good omen. Something about the love situation you are in is not quite right. Ask yourself a lot of questions, accept reality, don't close your eyes to the truth. You cannot force someone to love you or to behave respectfully. If you have recently met someone new (and are looking for love,) keep looking. The contenders you've met so far are not who they seem to be.

Be sure to give me a call to see how to use this energy best today..
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