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Is It Possible To Have A Narcissistic Twin Flame?

Twin flame connections are the strongest connection there could ever be. This is because twin flames start out as one soul, that somewhere through the cosmic scheme of things, divided into 2 separate souls. In most incarnations, and if they are to meet in that incarnation, twin flames tend to come as one male, and one female, giving them the opportunity to become one again, so to speak. Because of that, there is a psychic bond that they have every moment of life, causing them to make many of the same decisions in life at the same time, before even knowing each other.

Once they meet and realize how significant their connection is, it is really difficult to break the bond that is there, even if they happen to think they want to.
Even if apart, they sense each other all the time. Twin flame relationships have the potential to be the most beautiful and spiritually meaningful experiences, if they are handled correctly, and gently, by both parties involved in the connection. There is no greater love.

However, twin flame connections also have the most potential to become the most chaotic and messy relationships you will ever deal with. If not handled gently, they can become shear pain and agony. A lot of twin flame relationships become very push and pull, as each partner feels a fear of being hurt by the loss of the other, and can not to decide whether to push them away, or keep them close. Many twin flames will destruct the relationship in the most terrible ways, just out of that very fear alone.

When a twin flame soul made the choice to become 2, the intention was to increase the learning potential of that soul. We all come here to learn and become more like our heavenly parents. So, instead of one soul having many lives to plan, in order to learn and get closer to being like God, 2 souls have to now make 2 separate sets of life plans, in order to become more like God. Plans have to cover both the masculine and feminine traits of our heavenly parents. And so, we separate and plan our lives.

Many of our planned lifetimes will not bring us to meet our literal other half. We might, instead, find a comfortable soulmate to share our life with, during those times. The soulmate may be very familiar, as we may have many lives with that soulmate, and it can sometimes feel just like a twin flame, with the psychic connection, but it is still a different connection.

We all have many lives that are separate from our twin, and we have very few lives where we encounter our twin. When we do encounter our twin, they are not always on the same spiritual path. Sometimes, life or even many lives may have thrown one twin, the other, or both, off the path. They could have been abused and mistreated. They may have been through great depths of pain. Perhaps some of it is karmic debt. With their personal free will, they could handle the downfalls in life in a positive way, or a very negative way. The reasons are often unclear, but the one thing that is certain is that it has set them on a different path. Because of these differences in paths, and our individual free will, sadly, it is very possible to have a narcissistic twin flame.

Recognizing this situation is not always easy. Many twin flames have found themselves being subjected to abuse by their less advanced twin flame. For some, the abuse may be verbal on a regular basis. Some may have mentally manipulative twin flames. I have heard way too many twin flame stories where one partner, or the other, uses members of the opposite sex to hurt and manipulate their partner. Situations like this are very mentally abusive. Sometimes, twin flames can even be so messed up from abuse in their own past, they are physically abusive toward their twin. Since many twin flames do not find each other until they psychically open, and that often happens later in life, there are often children involved, and when one twin has been abused as child, sadly they often become aggressive, or abusive to their twin flame's children, as well. Abuse directed at you or your children could range from anything. It could be verbal, mental, physical, or at the very worst, even sexual. In any of these cases, forget the connection. It no longer matters. You must get out no matter how much you sense them. You are dealing with a sick individual, and that is not going to likely change this lifetime. Psychic and mental blocking techniques can be used and learned to help block that connection.

Because twin flames have the connection they do, and the push pull happens, even after abuse, many will make the huge mistake of wanting to still make it work, because the connection seemed so significant. Often, their twin will come back begging for forgiveness, with cards, flowers, tears, the whole 9 yards... Yet eventually, that person will still find some way to twist everything to make it their twin's fault that they are abusive. I have found myself having to tell many clients this through the years. Do not fall for this narcissistic behavior. The intention is to always gain power, or get the upper hand, because at some point in their life, they were severely abused, and felt completely powerless themselves.  Despite the connection you might feel, you can not fix them. It would be better to walk away.

Sometimes, the narcissistic twin flame might become more aggressive when you leave, and they know it is for good. Many have been known to stick around in bad relationships, out of fear. If you fear for safety, please, get a restraining order. Do not let the fear of pain from this abuser keep you around. Do not let threats of harm to you or your family keep you in this mess. Take any legal action you must, in order to get away.

Don't worry about what they they say or do with others when you leave. Good people will see the truth for what it is eventually. The narcissistic twin flame might even try to take it to the level of claiming something is wrong with you, and not them, despite their clear record of abuse. And it doesn't tend to stop there. They will run around trying to tell anyone who will listen that it is your fault, denying any wrong doing. They might even claim you have the mental problem, despite their own history or record. But stay  in your own truth, and do not be manipulated by their games. The narcissist believes they are wonderful, so long as they can keep power over others. Gossip and lies are often their last attempt to gain some power. Just close your ears to it, and walk away.

Despite the push pull twin flame relationships tend to have anyway, and despite the constant connection to your twin flame you are bound to feel, you do not have to stay with a narcissistic, power hungry, abusive twin flame. While good twin flame connections can lead to the highest level of spiritual growth, there is no growth to be gained from a narcissistic, controlling, abusing twin flame relationship.

It is far better under these negative situations to gain your own personal power and move on from it. Do not think you can not survive it. You can. You can get out.  God will not think badly of you for walking away from a controlling and abusive influence. Perhaps your greatest growth with a twin flame like this is to realize you have grown too much too lower yourself to be mistreated, and therefore, you have grown too much to be with them. The best answer is to bid them and all the drama they bring to your life a farewell, and pray for them, that one day, even if it isn't possible this lifetime, they might actually grow past the harm that was done to them through time and space, and become a better individual themselves.

Also, do not think that because you met your twin flame and they were terrible for you, that you are simply doomed to be mistreated by them, or alone forever. You can get out. You have that power to do so. And if you open yourself, God may have a comfortable soulmate waiting for you, who will be a far better partner to grow with this lifetime.

Through this blog, I am speaking of many different types of narcissistic behaviors. Some situations are far worse than others. I felt the need to make reference to all I could think of, including the worst case scenario, though confusing situations where someone stays, are likely to be more subtle than some of my worst mentions.

If you need help figuring out if you are dealing with a negative twin flame situation, and if it can change and be mended, or if it is following too many narcissistic patterns, and you need to get out, give me a call. I am always here to help, and will give you the truth, no matter which you are dealing with. The twin flame relationship can be the most difficult of relationships to be in. Please let me help you through.

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