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The Twin Flame Shuffle: A Dance of Push / Pull Proportions

You meet that person, and there is a connection that no matter what you do, just won't fade. It starts out so beautiful. It feels like a dream. Maybe it even is your dreams or visions, only now, they are surfacing in reality. The One, has come into your life, and you have never been happier. This is your perfect other half, and you know it. When you are with them, it's so amazing and intense, it is as if, you can almost touch God. This is your other half. This is perfection, and you know it... You can feel it...

But then, it happens. Fear starts to set in, and they run. You find yourself heartbroken,  lost, and feeling more alone than ever. And you ask yourself why? How could it be that perfect and then your other half just leaves you behind, as if you never even existed?

But you feel them every minute, or you think you do. You sense that your other half still wants you as much as you do them, but you wonder if you are just wishing or imagining it. Are you really feeling your other half? Is that even possible?

Then, they do come back, and the whole cycle starts again.
They come back, and they leave, and they come back, and they leave...

You find yourself questioning why you take them back when they keep doing this. Still, every time they come back, you take them right back again, hoping that special someone will finally stop running, and allow all the wonderful things that were supposed to happen for the two of you to finally unfold.

So goes the Twin Flame Shuffle! It's that dance of push / pull proportions that can send your head spinning! Perhaps you were always the type of person who never put up with someone doing this to you, but then, you never had this strong of a connection before either. Everyone is telling you that you should give up let it go, but you know you just can't do that.

And so, this painful dance continues...

I want you to know that despite the negative opinions you have, without a doubt, had to endure from so many others, I know what you are going through. You are not crazy, even though you might feel that way for thinking any one person could be so important to you. Finding your twin flame is never easy. You have to really let go of a lot of fears and be able to accept someone who is so much like you, and they have to do the same. The average person will not understand your connection. Not everyone has a twin flame here. It is a heavy spiritual growth process, and people often are not ready for it, when they encounter their twin.

Despite how it all feels, you are not alone. I have been there, and I know how difficult this dance can be, but if you and your twin flame can pull through it, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Let me help you though the process. I am an intuitive and empathic psychic medium. I can help you to understand what he, or she is really thinking. I can help you confirm the feelings you are getting about your twin. I can help you to understand the communication gaps male and female differences can cause. I can help you to see whether the situation can be reconciled this lifetime. Please, let me help you find your way back to your twin flame, and to see if the dance of fears can be stopped, so you can have finally have your happily ever after.

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