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Thanksgiving 2014 ~ Being thankful for your blessings and Soulmate

I'm going to explain a little researched history on thanksgiving and it's true meaning of Thanksgiving. For many of us, the actual meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday includes a delicious dinner (with many calories), black Friday shopping (staying in long lines for hours), catching special sales all weekend, special events, football games, the Macy's day parade, family outings, and a the beginning to the Christmas holiday festivities, which is fine to do.

But actually the first Thanksgiving, was not a feast or a holiday, but a a gathering after the Mayflower’s arrival at Plymouth Rock and it was on December 11 1620. The Pilgrims lost many of their 102 colonists. And with the help of the Indians, the remaining Pilgrims survived the winter and enjoyed harvest. As a celebration, a harvest festival, lasting around three days brought them and the natives to enjoy a thanksgiving observance.

Thanksgiving meal would not be shared again until 6/1676. On 6/29 the people proclaimed the day Thanksgiving. This celebration excluded any of the Indians, as colonists and recognized their recent victory the heathen natives. 100 years later, in 10/1777, all colonies participated in a  a thanksgiving dinner which commemorated the patriotic victory. It actually took over 150 more years to actually establish the Thanksgiving dinner as we celebrate it today in November 2014.
George Washington was the one who made to be a real holiday back in 1789, then president Lincoln made it to the last Thursday in November back in 1863, and later Congress created the legal holiday back in 1941. So the meaning of Thanksgiving is feelings of gratitude and the actual meaning of Thanksgiving has went through many changes, remember it's not all about getting ready for Christmas.

This Holiday is an expression of deep gratitude for our survival, many families added their customs to the Thanksgiving holiday, preserving that which is the most precious. To gather all together, this is a refreshing and loving time when people come together, to celebrate. It is a time for reconciliation and differences also a time of spiritual healing. And everyone sharing their victories as well as the challenges, we can find strength and hope.

This is a time to be thankful and having our sentimental time, the power prayer with Thanksgiving especially before the Thanksgiving meal.In gratitude as we pray and humbly reflect on our family and friends, the gifts, health in our lives. By giving thanks to god, we extend ourselves, love and to give to others that are less fortunate from the abundance in our hearts, that we can offer our resources to help others.

The true meaning of Thanksgiving is to Praise God in the holy Bible, the spirit of thanksgiving reflects love, happiness, praise, adoration, sacrifice. Thanksgiving is a grateful message and prayer to God as we worship. Being thankful for all your blessings Thanksgiving represents the heart and creates a solid relationship with our God. Finding and being thankful to for your Soulmate for the this thanksgiving 2014, I don’t feel that you only have one Soulmate (one twinflame) or a Soulmate is a only a romantic connection. Actually we are blessed and have several Soulmates (up to Seven) and while we may think they are all good looking, we are not into them that way.

They may be our best friends, family members and even our pets, you would be surprised  to know not all our romantic relationships are our Soulmates. It's possible for a romantic relationship and just be that.Soulmates are quite different. Sometimes it isn't a connection that is very dependent on how long we have actually known our soulmate. They are the people in our lives, and we want to discover new surroundings to have an adventure with. We all would like to look back and see in our best memories, we are so thankful for finding our soulmate. We love them deeply and emotionally. We know it is unconditional, they know our quirks, they can call us anytime we are there for each other and that in self is something to be thankful. Soulmates can help us to grow as a better person, we want to do the same for them. Be thankful for your blessings and thanking God, we found our Soulmates and for them being in our lives.

In honor of Thanksgiving and being thankful for everything I have, I will be lowering my rate for the rest of Nov to $1.99, I'm also offering free minutes, email me.

Happy Thanksgiving

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