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Why Soulmate / Twin flames Experience Pain and Challenges with Union.

Divine union with soulmate connections (Twin flames, Soulmate, twin Connections and karmic flames and many others) is one of the most powerful experiences that you would ever feel in your lifetime.

As beautiful and amazing as the energy is, there is a process that soulmates go through in order to come to the divine union. It’s a very challenging and a difficult process that feels like a lifetime.

There is emotional pain and many times chaotic confusion that they first need to purge and let go of in order to come to their Divine Union.

We don’t have clear answers on why Twin Flames go through so much drama and pain. Only for the fact that they are releasing and surrendering in order to let go of any excess baggage internally in this lifetime.

Twin flame relationships go through many lifetimes with the cycle of coming together and disconnecting. Many times this can be very confusing when you meet your divine partner, such as your twin flame, you know that this person is in for the long-haul in your life. You will not be able to separate from this person.

Twin flames have a spiritual mission and they first need to heal and let go of any fear-based energy that they carry deep in their soul. This is a very painful experience for Twin flames and other Soul Bond Connections, but it is all part of the process in order to keep them purified in your spirit.

Runner and chaser Energy?

This happens to all types of soulmate connections. When they first meet, it is a beautiful honeymoon vacation, and as they get stronger in the relationship, they both feel that magnetic pull that scares them.

There is always one that is the stronger vessel and is willing to take the chance.
While the other may have not healed from past wounds and starts to run away from it's own emotions and insecurities.

They are both actually not ready; it’s not just the runner who is not ready but they both need to work on themselves energetically in order to get past these life lessons.

There’s no way of determining how long this can take, many times it can take several months or even many years. But it’s all serves a purpose in order to find your true center and complete your soul mission with your divine partner.

How to get through chaser stages and heal?

First you have to remember that this is all part of a master plan and you to resent together in order to work on yourselves.

Twin flames can go through many different stages with healing. Many times twin flames get back together for several years and then break apart and going through the same vicious cycle because initially they were never completely healed.

The first step is to find balance and spiritually centering your soul. I like to use meditation and helping connect to the higher above, into the divine with the angels to help heal and find your true Spirit center. This will automatically reciprocate back to your divine partner who twill be able to manifest to the higher 5D level. They can then allow themselves to heal to complete and let go of past all the wounds.

If you are going through challenges in your soulmate or Twin flame relationship, I do offer chat and email readings.

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