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2019 New Year Resolutions
Everybody knows that New Years brings the urge to RELEASE and START NEW. Does this sound like you? Everybody starts off the year with good intentions, but in about 2 weeks, the FIRE fizzles out and there is no longer any motivation for us to CONQUER our new selves. So, in turn, we end up putting it off till next year! When will we stop putting ourselves on this neverending metaphorical merry-go-round? I am highly connected with the Angelic Realm & Specific Archangels such as Haniel & Sandalphon. Archangel Haniel is the Angel of Grace & Beauty & the Moon. Sandalphon is the Archangel specific to Pisces, which I am as well, and also to Artists of all kinds! Connecting with the higher realm has allowed me clarity to prioritize what immediately needs attention & what will take some time & patience to heal. With this clarity I receive from my Angels, I avoid the New Year Fizzle & have a plan for the rest of the year, not just 2 weeks. If this sounds like something you could use help with. Please contact me or you can even just click the Email Angel message package. For only $17.77, Your most 2 important messages for the day will be delivered via e-mail, complete with pics. This message is specific to your Angels with you and what they NEED you to know to get back on the right path or STAY there. Blessings for a POSITIVE & ABUNDANT 2019! Love & Light, Psychic Whymsy Menaage
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