Another Reader Told me XYZ
Hi Everyone, Great you got the reading that you've been hoping for. You got a reading with tons of details and timeframes. You hang up and immediately call another advisor. Well, there is definately nothing wrong with that. However,if you want to see how accurate a reading is..its best to see how the next reader you call picks up the situation. By all means you can ask them about topics mentioned by another advisor. However, I find that time is the true test of accuracy. In the moment, one reading may seem too bad or too good to be true. Take notes. See who picked up what. See if you followed the reading to a "T" or if you may have done things to change the prediction. Then take a few more steps back. Some advisors are better in certain topics. When I read for people, I often see paths. One path gets you xyz and anther gets you something different. Life is everchanging. Do yourself a favor. Get an true reading of the many factors affecting the "situation at hand". Then, determine what you are are/are not willing to do. This can make all the difference. As always, I'm available and happy to read for you. If you have a topic of interest for me to blog about..feel free to keen mail me.
# re: Another Reader Told me XYZ @ Monday, July 11, 2011 10:06 AM
I always take notes and re-read every week and this has given me the insight of not seeing what's wrong with the reading, but what is right and who I am connecting with.  
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