Does Reading Spiritual Books Really Help?

Yes. Reading spiritual books does help. However, it is a process. I have callers asking for books to read because they want to start make changes. They want to know that they too can make a difference in their own lives. By all means, they can and that is why I often tell people to try and do work at home, if possible. In order for the books to help, its important that you remember their function. Picking a book, detailed in meditations is helpful, if you are willing to meditate. However, if you aren't that is fine. There are books that teach lessons and don't emphasize meditations. Of course, I believe in the power of meditation. However, everyone has different methods. Books are interesting aids because as you progress, re-reading a book can give you a different outlook than the initial one you had when first reading the book. I often go back into my library for just that purpose. It is a great way for me to check in with myself. 

If you are looking for a recommendation i'm here. Of course, if books aren't for you that is fine. We can work on your growth together. 

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