Full Time Job: Work for Love Pay:N/A, Hours:24/7, Love Provided:Zilch

Sounds Crazy doesn't it? Well sometimes that is exactly how it id. Geez, I love this person so much. I have given them my best year. If I can put in a bigger effort, communicate it one more time...I'm sure i'll get the position.  Well I wish it was that simple. If working for love is full time, no pay and no love...it might be the wrong person for you.

Just wanted to remind everyone that true love is a partnership. If you get stuck in what seems a neverending chase...try to parallel it to the job market.

So many of us need work..yet we all have parameters to be met. We want to be paid a certain pay rate, receive it consistently, have some time off (and know the work is there when we return) and know that our loyalty will be met with loyalty. Ok. I know some jobs don't work quite like that. Yet, that is the ideal. 

Let it be your ideal for love.

Hope this put a smile on your face.

I am on late today. Still sending promo minutes. One paid 10 min call = 1 free min.

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