Love is around the corner...if you are truly ready.

Did you ever ask yourself  Why am I single? How can I get my lover back? Why am in unhappy in this relationship?

Of course you have we all have. Honestly the true reason for a lack of a truly rewarding relationship, is lack of direction. Many people call and are wondering how to get love back. Others call and ask how to get that specific person back.

Truth be told if you are not ready, your romance will be stunted. Getting that true love back may only need a small adjustment on your end.  Or , it may be that a different type of love is what will truly make you happy.

The best way to really know is an honest assessment of you and the person in question. For many callers a direct assessment is the difference between years of singleness or unhappy relationships or....years of true bliss.

What category is your relationship in?

My callers appreciate my honest assessments. It saves them money and heartache. I only need your lovers name and your question.



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