Reading for My Friends..What I learned.
For me, I sometimes read for friends. And for me, WOW that has been the biggest challenge. They are honest and really let you know how they rate your readings.. They are the biggest teachers though. They have taught me that even someone that has full faith in you..can be upset by a reading. However, they also teach you that in the long run, your honesty is appreciated. Once had a friendship go on hiatus because I immediately saw the match wasn’t ideal for my friend. Yes, she asked about him or NO I wouldn’t have read him..but Wow what a lesson. I have a great friendship with her. However, I never read for her anymore. Not because either of us hold a grudge. Just because we know that readings can be very powerful. You have to be ready to hear the message. Sometimes easier said than done. As a reader, I am compassionate and take time to tactfully deliver the truth. Some readings are so easy to give because they are line with what you want. Others, are difficult. However, knowing the truth will prepare you and help you to plan ahead. I look forward to reading for you.
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