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Stay Focused -The Lunar Eclipse on August 5th
The Lunar Eclipse on August 5th will not be visible, and may seem to be of little consequence; but all eclipses have their impact for months to come. Some say as long as 9 months out; so take a moment to consider the energies available to you from August's first Lunar Eclipse.
There may be storms and siesmic activity in 3 corridors through out the world; but preparation may be futile. No great announcements of this activity this time, just sudden and quick change; so be aware of your surroundings.
As far as our interior reactions, this moon is in Aquarious, and we may feel like we are going through a long dark tunnel at times. Be sure to double check what you hear. Whisperings of all kinds may be prompting you to move or act suddenly; so pay special attention to your inner wisdom as you will need to act quicky and decisively on your current projects, and you want to make the right decision based on who you really are in your spiritual being.
Just aim for the Light at the end of the Tunnel!
There will be a lot of communications that feel undeciperable. Go with clear prompts from those around you and your intuition. Ignore anything that seems hard to grasp or gives you an unsettled feeling. Make your decisions based on what feels like solid understandable information to you.
Know what you want to acomplish and be determined; so you can act when the prompt appears. Perserverance in what you feel is for the highest good is key during this event's influence and to your own well being.
Creativity may be enhanced; so nurture that inner creative you. If the pressure gets to be too much, seek solace in something that nurtures your creative juices or simply step outside for a breath of Mother Nature's healing Energy.
Projects will be calling out softly to you for manifestation; so lend an ear and listen carefully. This is a great time to hone your listening skills, and enhance your intuitive, clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities.
Speak less, listen more, observe, really see, feel!
Write out your thoughts and dreams!
If you can't find the words, doodle, or just write any word that comes into your head, one after another without concern for whether they make a sentence or make any sense at all. If you are more visually oriented, finger paint or grab a brush and let it speak to you as you aimlessly dab one color after another and let the paint flow.
Get out your crystals and be sure to put them in the moonlight the night before the full moon. Its time to re-energize them; so they can stimulate, heal, and support you.
Bright Blessings to each and everyone of you!
Angel Hugs from Rajas Heart, Maeyer
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