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The Spooky Side of Numerology!
    Goblins, Ghouls, Witches, and Ghosts! Its that time of year again when we do all we can to delightfully scare our friends silly, tickle our fear bones, and relish the dark side and the deepest secrets of the night! All in fun, of course!
    So in the spirit of Halloween, my post today is all about the dark side of the numbers in Numerology!
    When I write about the meanings of the numbers, I try to give you a picture of the highest  vibration each number can aspire to, while giving you a little bit of the negative side to be realistic.
     Depending on the individual's spiritual level of growth, they may choose to use their talents and natural traits to the very best of their abilities, for the highest good of all; or they may choose to ignore their talents and skills and just scrape by, wallowing in extreme depths of degradation.
    I try not to belabor the least desirable manifestation of the numbers' energies, because I hope to encourage you to learn and grow as much as possible so you become the very best of
your uniquelly true happy self.
    The truth is that with each number vibration, as with anything else in life, the meaning is more like a continuum or scale, not a concrete value.
    Because we all have free will, we can choose to live up to our very best, or slide to the very most negative end of the scale, or anywhere in between.
    If we are shown the highest possibility of something, then it is more likely that we will want to aspire to that; but I don't want you to be like babes in the woods, either; so in this post, I'll discuss the less desirable qualities of each number.
    If you are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, remember, they may have a numbers that are compatible with yours; but they may also be living on the totally negative side of their numbers, as well, or somewhere in between. Their behavior will tell you the difference; so watch what people do; don't rely on what they are saying. This is a good rule to apply in business as well as personal relationships to stay safe.
    As co-creators of our reality, we get to make new choices countless times a day, as we go through life. Everything has a vibrational frequency. Every thought, every emotion, every action, every color, every sound and so on.
    Numerology is one way to measure and define the vibrations that affect us. By measuring the vibration of the letters in our name that we hear, over and over again, which shape our thinking, and feeling; and the numbers that appear in our charts over and over again, we can make choices that are most like who we really are and, therefore, create a life that flows much more easily for us, giving us a better experience in this life, and the next.
    Knowing our Number vibrations allows us to focus and craft our journey throughout our lifetime on earth. providing opportunities at specific intervals to either use and incorporate the numbers' energies and grow; or to resist and fight them. When we resist, it sets up a pattern that will repeat itself until we learn the lesson the vibration is calling forth from our very best selves. Why struggle when our lives can flow?

    It may seem like we keep making the same mistakes over and over; but actually, the good things we learned also come back into our lives as well. Its just a matter of focus. Once we learn to shift our focus to remember the positive things that happen to us, we can accept the lessons that still need learning because we know that as we mature, life gets easier.

    In this post, I will concentrate on the really negative side of each number's vibration; so you can be aware that the person you are, or the people you meet, may be using free will to manifest the darker side of their numbers; and it may not be so pretty a picture! After reading this post, you should have a good idea of what that darker side looks like, and be able to make better choices.
    If a quality I mention really annoys or angers you, look closer, it could mean that it is one of your issues you've been hiding from yourself! If that's you, see my posts on the Mayan Oracle, which is excellent for dealing with our Shadow side.
    The good news is, that if we approach someone (ourselves included) with understanding, we can work on those issues and find our way out of trouble and into a balanced and peaceful place.
    We cannot change others, only they can do that (so don't even try); but we can stay out of trouble by avoiding those living out the least desirable traits of their number's vibrations.

    Just remember, no one can maintain a positive mood all of the time, and we usually feel much better when we’re flowing easily with life, expressing ourselves naturally, and creating a life affirming reality. This means attracting the positive in others by being our highest and best selves as well.
    So here goes! If you meet someone (or are someone!) who consistently lives out, even glories in, one or more of these patterns - Beware!

    The Number One's most negative vibration is one of total selfishness, and I mean total. Its as if no one else exists! Everything is about "me".  If One doesn't get his or her way, look out. The need for control is paramount, and may become such an obsession that One becomes arrogant, cruel, bullying, stubborn, unstable, dependent, manipulative, chauvinistic, and even physically abusive. The negative One may have delusions of grandeur, and invincibility, and has to be first, no matter what it takes. The picture of a bulldozer running over everyone and everything in the way fits a negative One.
    The Number Two's most negative vibrations are extreme moodiness, clinging, apathy, resentment, dishonesty, tearfulness, self pity, deceptiveness, and passive-aggressive behavior. A negative Two gives with an ulterior motive; hiding what they want or need, while blaming everyone else for their unhappiness. Seething under the surface, the negative Two finally erupts like a volcano!

    The negative side of Three is constant superficial chatter, biting sarcasm, vanity, extreme judgmentalism, and incessant gossiping. When the Three is insecure or feels rejected, expect him or her to become extremely self-pitying, whining, critical of others, oversensitive to criticism, paranoid, jealous, a compulsive worrier, and very antisocial (like verbally attacking the "offender" behind their back, or feigning apathy while sabotaging or verbally annihilating someone else).

        The negative side of Four is moodiness, dullness, rigidity, stubborness insecurity, controlling behavior, and compulsive orderliness. A negative Four can go so far overboard on everything that he or she becomes resistent, narrow-minded, restrictive, and rebellious; even violent, hateful, destructive, crude, and secretive.

    A negative Five has a problem with excess and becomes overindulgent, irresponsibile and erratic. Five energy when negative craves overstimulation physically, mentally, and sexually which can lead to impulsivity, addictive behavior, addictions of any kind, job hopping, lack of focus, unfinished projects, unkept promises, infidelity, getting into trouble trying to experience anything new and strange, and escapism of every form. Five's need for freedom and constant novelty can lead to untrustworthy, unreliable and estranged, personal and business relationships that leave a trail of unhappiness for the negative Five as well as anyone they encounter.

   The negative side of Six is the "after all I did for you" guilt trip. Here is where the Six becomes the martyr, the self-sacrificing "slave". A negative Six can be become so involved in the lives of others, that they become domineeering, bossy, and downright meddlesome. Prying, snooping, manipulating, and interfering in others' lives is the order of the day, as is pride, smugness, blaming, cynicism, extreme criticism, spite, envy and more. Get on their bad side, and a negative Six can hold onto a grudge for a lifetime!

    The negative Seven feels superior to others, feels no one understands them, and doesn't care to come down off his or her pedestal long enough to explain, either. A negative Seven is emotionally aloof, and intolerant of others; often masking a deep fear of loneliness and isolation. The normal need for undisturbed study becomes a disdain for the "unenlightened" masses, and can lead a negative Seven to become antisocial, even a hermit. Skepticism, confusion, faithlessness, cynicism, and feelings of despair turn into melancholy and more emotional isolation. Negative Sevens are good at pushing your buttons, and easily become mentally aggressive as well. Beware the sharp tongue lashings of a negative Seven.

    The negative side of Eight is extreme greediness and ingratitude, as well as badly neglecting those who love them most, and betraying the people who helped them along the way. The natural ability of Eight to attract and multiply resources often puts them in the position of power and authority. A negative Eight can become hard, intolerant, cruel, deceptive, unscrupulous, and unfair in the extreme. They can be master manipulators; doing anything for more money or more power. To a negative Eight, the ends justify the means however cruelly that plays out. An angry Eight is full of vengeance, and will go to any lengths to get his or her way. Gaudiness, name dropping, and incessantly fauning over the rich and famous are other unattractive traits of a negative Eight. A negative Eight lives on a roller coaster of financial disaster, and other types of disaster as well. Don't feel too sorry for Eight when trouble starts, though, or you may end up being their next victim. Besides, they always manage to land on their feet.

    The negative side of Nine is resentment, laziness, procrastination, and arrogance. Early in a negative Nine's life there may be a tendency to resent that others rely on him or her. They see everyone else get praise, money or fame for their efforts, while Nine feels unappreciated and neglected. Jealousy, bitterness, paranoia, extreme selfishness, narciscism, and self-centeredness can result, as well as living in a dream world where Nine is the hero or heroine, loved and appreciated by all.

    The Master Numbers, Eleven, Twenty Two, and Thirty Three, like the Nine, are called to selflessly offer themselves and their talents to the world. Resistance to their calling will, for the Master Numbers, manifest as the negative side of their reduced vibration; 2, 4, or 6 with an added dose of exaggerated self-importance thrown in ,as well as eccentricity and, possibly, even perverted genius.: the power-monger, eccentric who attempts to "control the world", by example. This is "Master" energy focused on the negative and it can be a powerfully destructive force ( remember the Unabomber?). Fortunately, the most common expression is that of the reduced number vibration, with a little added egocentricity and self importance.
    Well! That's about all the negativity I can stand! There you have it! The ugliest of the ugly! If you run into someone manifesting these nasty traits, run away as fast as you can; don't walk, don't argue or explain either, just get thee away!

    Happily, most of us do aspire to be our best selves at one level or another, and only in the extreme case do we meet people living the very worst possible depths of their negativity; but if you do find these traits persisting in someone you know, don't feel guilty about beating a hasty retreat! Safety first!

    I hope this post didn't "scare" you too much; but if it saves you from a bad relationship, then it was worth it.
     It is my wish for you that you all live happy, joyous lives, filled with Light, Love and Laughter!
    Surrounding you with Angels!

     Happy Halloween Y'All!
    Angel Hugs, Maeyer

                                           copyright Raja's Heart Foundation, 2008

# re: The Spooky Side of Numerology! @ Saturday, November 01, 2008 12:05 AM
As someone who has had a brush with her own negative #s this Halloween - it occurs to me that your advice to run away from people showing their "worst" traits is a real cop-out for people who constantly push your buttons and then duck out when you finally loose your cool.  No matter how much they have done to create the problem you are reacting to; this leaves them "innocent" and you "guilty" of your worst behavior - a shame their isn't some sympathy for the just plain humanness, that makes us all reach our limits and react "negatively".
# re: The Spooky Side of Numerology! @ Saturday, November 01, 2008 10:47 AM
Sorry you misunderstood me. I was talking about people who never live in any other way but the the worst level of their vibrations, which their actions show.
  To be fair, I actually said: "but they may also be living on the totally negative side of their numbers, as well, or somewhere in between. Their behavior will tell you the difference; so watch what people do; don't rely on what they are saying. This is a good rule to apply in business as well as personal relationships to stay out of trouble."
  I was talking about people for whom being nice is not an option, they LIVE their most negative traits. I was not talking about someone having a bad day.
    I also said:  "The good news is, that if we approach someone (ourselves included) with understanding, we can work on those issues and find our way out of trouble and into a balanced and peaceful place."
    I also said this:   "We cannot change others, only they can do that (so don't even try); but we can stay out of trouble by avoiding those living out the least desirable traits of their number's vibrations." Again, I said "living out", not an occasional slip out of character.
 I said this, too: "Just remember, no one can maintain a positive mood all of the time..."
 If you read any of my posts on the Mayan Oracle as well, you will see that I feel we are each responsible for our own behavior. Blaming another for pushing your buttons can also be viewed as a cop out. They are your buttons, after all. Why not resolve the underlying issues within yourself that makes you vulnerable to others, and live a serene and peaceful life? Some people just can't resist pushing another person's button, why give them the ammunition? It takes work to clear away the old baggage; but it is supremely worth it to be able to live beyond aggravation or to be able to laugh off someone efforts to annoy you. There is a better way to live.
  Numerology, helps us to find people who are compatible (easy to live and work with), as well as compatible jobs, and careers, as well as hobbies that give us joy. With the information, you can make a choice for yourself that suits your way of being in the world. That was my point. Most people took it in the spirit it was written.
 I hope today is a better day for you.
Angel Light and Love, Maeyer
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