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SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn)
Soul-Shock: The pain and distress the soul experiences when your Twin-Flame/Soul-Mate abandons you. There are some great materials describing “soul shock” on the Internet. My favorite is by Steve Gunn and can be found at his site www.stevegunn.net. Let’s talk about the Runner though. Anyone with a level of spiritual awareness has trouble understanding how two people can experience a deep soul connection, share the bliss, joy and divine love that these relationships offer only to have one partner run. The mind, heart, soul… no aspect of our being comprehends this. Someone would choose to leave the most amazing thing that can happen between individuals? Yes, they do… we’re calling them Runners. Runners seem to reach a roadblock. After a period of ecstasy and connection, the Runner leaves. It can be sudden or there can be a gradual distancing. Either way, they leave the “aware” partner in the dust shaken to the core and confused. What we don’t talk about a lot because there is little information on Runners, is that they experience a different kind of shock. A Runner runs for complex reasons but an element they all have in common is that they are thrown-off by the intensity of the relationship. They do not have time to adapt; it’s there right off the bat, the whole ‘soul package’. They don’t intellectually understand it. They feel it, but that’s the problem. Their head and heart/soul are not in alignment. These same people would be comfortable sticking around if it was no more than physical chemistry. They would be ok if it was only friendship. They would probably be ok if it had been a slow evolution from curiosity to lust to friend to relationship to “soul partner”. What they can’t wrap their head around is that in one human being (their Soul-Mate/Twin Flame) they are presented with a package that includes all of those things at the start. No effort required. They can’t process how this can exist! Even if they believe in such a thing as an ideal soul-mate, they aren’t spiritually prepared to face him/her so they back off & artificially generate a “slow evolution”. Think of it this way. If they did not feel the same intensity as their partner, they’d be there. Does that sound backwards? Going into shock makes people do things they wouldn’t do in any other circumstances. Runners can’t seem to explain their own behavior. They don’t know why they act the way they do… if you can get them to talk while they’re in the heat of the confusion, you might hear “I’ve never acted like this in my life. I can’t explain it. I don’t know who I am anymore or why I’m behaving this way. This is not the man/woman I am. I don’t know what’s wrong with me”. They seem aware they are not themselves but are helpless to stop. It is a process. It’s tempting to call Runners stupid, isn’t it? What is obvious to us is confusing to them. What is joyful to us is frightening to them. They are fearful that what they feel is not real, that they are making it up & nobody could possibly love them that much. Surely it must be a trick. They are fearful that if they say yes to a relationship, it could crumble and they could never recover. If they didn’t mutually love their Soul Mate/Twin Flame, they wouldn’t have the fear. Do you see? You can’t loose what you don’t choose. So you see, while it seems ridiculous, the soul-shock a Runner causes is because they are in shock themselves. If it gives you any peace, imagine your Runner interacting with anybody BUT you. In your mind’s eye see them. A normal person behaving normally, right? Does this not tell you that either one of two things are happening? Either this is not your Soul-Mate/Twin-Flame and they are an idiot and you can be happy that they have left. Or… this is indeed a high level Soul Mate/Twin-Flame whose soul did recognize you, but their mind needs time to cat
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Thursday, July 22, 2010 6:58 PM
Yeas, I read this before . . . it was good.
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Friday, July 23, 2010 6:46 AM
Thank you. This article helps me to better understand the complicated relationship I have with my soulmate. He is a runner..although I hope the heart wins in the end.
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Wednesday, August 18, 2010 7:03 PM
This describes the relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend. It was relationship where you'd said we were soul mates, but that it wasn't a "forever thing." The truth hurt, but I can accept it now. Thank you for posting this article. Very helpful in gaining even more perspective! Blessings to you.
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Monday, March 28, 2011 1:08 PM
Thank you.  I reread this article often, it seems to help me handle the shock that I have been living.  The pain lessens for a few moments when I have tangible evidence that this is real and others have made it through.
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Monday, July 11, 2011 10:54 AM
What if your twin dies... how do I recover?
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Tuesday, February 28, 2012 11:17 PM
What should I do.. I was the runner in the begining,we were best friends for a couple months. I ran after we had a one night stand that was really unexpected. than I came back after about a month the day was november seventh 2011 and then we began dating. Now after two months, he tells me his feelings seemed to have faded, I already somehow knew he was about to tell me that. How do I help him out of the runner state and help him back to the way we used to be, everyday was like heaven with us. Now since he's been running, seems like our telepathic connection has lessened a lot and its hard for me to figure out what I'm receiving from him, and what I'm really thinking, and also I know I've been astral traveling with him but I hardly remember the events, and he hardly does too. at one point when we were about a month into dating I had a dream and it helped me realize why we connected, it was us in our past life recognizing who we are in different skin tone and everything we knew eachother but looked and sounded different. I knew it meant something but it took me awhile. I wish I figured out this site before, I thought that aliens were abducting us because of the bad dreams and the astral travel happening without us trying and the out of it numb doped up feeling, we thought we were being drugged. I thought it was the thing I saw online called the abductees love bite. I mustav scared him off even more when I mentioned it after our breakup, I was just scared and missed him I felt I was mourning over the death of part of me. Is there a way to help him out of the state of shock he is? I found a thing saying learn to love myself and fix my past issues, I've been doing that been very dedicated to working on that, but what next..? Please help me.. this stress has made me ill somewhat. Bad pains. I get ringing in the ear and vertigo abdominal pain ect. Not sure if this is at all relevant, but I was born april sixth 94, he was born august fourth 95. Just thought maybe if anyone knows how astrology can relate tp this than that could help with insight. I really cannot be with anyone else. I think, if it takes years for him to come back, ill wait that long. I don't even want to try to imagine kiissing or having intercourse with anyone else ever again since I've recognized my twin flame.........

My email is [email protected], please email me, I will bookmark this site but I would truely appreciate an email for advice
# re: SOUL SHOCK (steve gunn) @ Tuesday, September 18, 2012 11:03 PM
This really helps to explain the runner, although it is still extremely frustrating! I just feel as far as the soulmate I have recently met and for anyone who is a runner your actions are just selfish! You feel as if you have to fully understand the whole concept of the connection but have no regard to the soulmate who is aware and is left behind to feel the hurt and frustration of it all. Why can't you just stop running and just go with it and see where it takes you? I mean there's nothing to lose if you try, but there's a lot to lose if you don't. You can lose out on true love with a person who connects with you on all levels and who excepts you for you. Why can't you just see that a soulmate is a beautiful gift and they are the best lovers for you! You are only running from happiness and true love! STUPID!!
Stop questioning and trying to understand something so amazing and just let go of the fear and just go with it, see where it takes you. Begin a beautiful and fulfilling journey with your soulmate, you lover, your best friend, the one who truly understands you. Stop running before it's too late! It is really hard to deal with seeing your soulmate run away from a beautiful gift as if it is worthless to them. At some point the soulmate who is left behind will have to move on for their emotional well-being. Although it will be hard to walk away, it is even harder to stay.
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