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Difference between a counseling and coaching session
Individuals seeking help for sorting out an emotional crisis or struggling to cope with life issues can benefit from seeking the aid of a counselor. Individuals seeking guidance in tapping into dormant talents or break self-defending behavior patterns pursue coaching direction. The counselor will dive into the emotional history of an individual, with the intentions of tracing old patterns and freeing their clients from them. A coach will not focus on the emotional baggage or history, but rather on the assets and skills available within a client to achieve their goals. Individuals find themselves going to a counselor whenever they are overwhelmed and stuck in emotional cycles. The therapist is useful in helping people develop some understanding about their emotional status. However, there are times when understanding the core reasons behind emotional states is not enough for healing and making changes. Therefore, a coach is handy, and a good partner for developing specific goals and game plans to get unstuck and move forward. Granted the emotional factor is not part of the coaching session, but often individuals feel better when they are accomplishing some changes and achieving goals. In general, coaching is a partnership between the coach and the person, where both parties are involved in creating a new life reality for the client.
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