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The Aries Relationships

The Aries Person usually makes a complex, demanding, passionate mate and partner. They have the potential to create a finely tuned, balanced, exciting, offbeat relationship. like Don Quixote, they are forever searching for the ideal... where romance is concerned, Aries believes in giving but also wants the moon. They tend to become over involved with people, and projects because they think this is giving. They may overdo to show their independence and separate identity, but their excesses may also be an avenue to escape from intimacy.

Aries may unconsciously desire a relationship where no one is labeled strong or weak, where each partner is a leader. "All chiefs and no Indians" appeal to especially the female, she may test a man mercilessly on his leadership powers.

For Aries love can often be a battleground. One can often tell if they care by the degree in which they argue. If they disagree the Aries disagrees with their mate over strategy, details, philosophy, love, life, and work they can relax. This is the prelude to seduction. They more often then not gain energy from lovers' spats. Watch out, however for lack of interest or absent-mindedness, for they are signs that they are ready to move on.Aries  females often dominates her early sexual relationships. In the first part of her life, she tends to be assertive, even masculine, and may be out of touch with her vulnerability, and tender side. Her dependencies are usually deeply buried and may be projected onto men. While Aries needs proof of love from others , they seldom ask for it or give it. They need to learn to nurture themselves and others on the deepest feeling levels.

 The Aries female, like other fire signs, tends to be loyal and sweepingly generous, but she needs partners as assertive as she is, partners who demand respect and sensitivity and equality. They must be mentally sparked to be turned on physically... they need lots of space, freedom to change and experiment, to meet new challenges. They will remain loyal to anyone or anything as long as the relationship remains exciting, as long as there is mutual respect, as long as they feel the potential for more inner and outer territories to explore and conquer.

In love, marriage, friendship the Aries ideally wants to be totally involved, both sexually and emotionally, but it may take decades to find out how. Usually it is not until thirties or later that they learn what they truly want and need  in a loving relationship. And it usually takes just as long for them to figure out what they are willing to give. it will take a wrenching effort to learn to replace the "me, myself and I" mode of relating to a relationship characterized by mutuality.

  The Aries female is usualy an eternal optimist, facing many exhausting starts and stops with strength.  Tomorrow is indeed another day for her, as it has been for Scarlett O'Hara, the typical Aries spirit.

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# re: The Aries Relationships @ Tuesday, September 15, 2009 4:01 PM
I am an Aries female and I met men of all ages and because I have accomplish so much without a man. Men seem to think that I'm not looking for a serious relationship and you are right about wrenching out the "Me, Myself and I, because grew out of that in my middle thirties and now I'm really to work on a relationship with a man that we can enjoy life and grow old together, but the problem is I haven't found one that can keep my interest.  So I'm hanging in there though and enjoying life.
# re: The Aries Relationships @ Tuesday, September 20, 2011 4:26 AM
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