A prayer to help you lose unhealthful excess weight: By Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue A prayer to help you lose unhealthful excess weight: One day while I was praying, the healing angel Archangel Raphael came to me and taught me this amazing method which works wonders in rapidly and healthfully releasing excess weight: First, close your eyes in a quiet place and breathe deeply. Focus upon the excess weight and hold the intention of having a conversation with it. Silently ask the excess weight: “Why are you with me? What purpose are you serving?” ... Listen to the answer, which may surprise you. Most likely, the excess weight will tell you that it’s trying to protect you from something. Ask the excess weight: “What are you trying to protect me from?” Next, say to the excess weight: “Thank you for your offer to protect me. I appreciate your help. From now on, though, I will protect myself without your help. You are now free to leave in a peacefully and healthfully. Thank you.” You will feel lighter after this conversation, because you’ll no longer carry anger about the excess weight. You will have compassion for yourself and the weight. Notice how your appetite shifts to more healthful foods, and how you feel more motivated to exercise afterward. Notice how you begin to have the courage and strength to stand-up for and protect yourself in assertive and healthful ways. The excess weight will gently fall away because you no longer need it for your protection. With Love, Doreen ------------------------------------------ God Bless With Love, Sandare
# re: A prayer to help you lose unhealthful excess weight: By Doreen Virtue @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 10:05 AM
I did this the other night and it was quite revealing why I was hanging on to the excess weight. For me it was to protect my heart. As long as I had extra weight I just knew that no one would truly be interested. (A point that has been disproven to me.)
I have lost count on how many times I have thought to myself I just can't take another failure. Who said I had failed in the first place? Who said that my partner/s failed in the first place? I had it in my mind that if a relationship didn't work out forever then a mistake was made. SO NOT TRUE! :)
Hope that you try this, just never know you may find your root cause that maybe keeping from true joy and happiness, through the form of weight.

God Bless With Love,
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