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Astrology Forecast April 16 - 22 2018

Apr 17 2018    Venus    Opp    Jupiter   

20°Ta58' D    20°Sc58' R   

Excessive sociability. The desire to "party". Dramatic, extravagant gestures. Overindulgence. Overvaluing something.

Optimism may turn to over-indulging.  Enjoying good times with family and friends is most enjoyable.  Generosity and pleasures are multiplied more than usual.  An excellent time for family gatherings (no matter who you call 'family' as friends, co-workers, pets, etc. can be considered family too.) 

Jupiter expands the social circle with an aspect to Venus with a desire to shower everyone with some expression of good will.
  This is also a time when romance blooms.  There may be more than one romantic partner appearing at this time.
While it is a pleasurable time for social events, this is not the best time to do shopping as you may purchase more than you need or spend more than expected.  Avoid impulse purchases or getting carried away with any spending or activities. 

Apr 17 2018    Venus    Tri    Pluto   
21°Ta16' D    21°Cp16' D   

The merging of one's survival needs with those of a group. Sharing and trusting. Intense interactions with others.

Intensity over finances and with women/children.  There may be some covert activities which take over a situation with powerful influence.  Women may deal with power issues or money issues which may become prominent in the news.  Venus also signifies what we create, which can run from a piece of artwork to children.

Trines are unstoppable flows of energy.  Issues surrounding budgets could result in political problems.  More people may push their power to avoid paying or to receive more funds now. 

Relationships may also be affected by this aspect. Feelings may be more intense with a partner or other loved one which can be for good or ill.  The power to completely transform a relationship or finances is available now.

While this aspect of Venus and Pluto can be overwhelming, it can be used positively.  By channeling the energy towards working with others to improve your power physically, financially or socially.  Embarking upon a new project with gusto could lead to great success.

It may take a change of perspective to realize that a perceived problem could be a source of power.  Making that shift may allow you to obtain the best results of this aspect.

Apr 17 2018    Saturn Station Retrograde    

 09°Cp08' R        

Traditional most outer planet Saturn stations retrograde, which it does once a year for 140 days.  This is a time for reorganizing, rescheduling, and making adjustments to plans.

For example, if you are a freelancer and had some upcoming projects planned out,  some of them may either change or fall through completely.  Try not to let the change of plans throw you as it is an excellent time to polish off your work for the next go-round. It will also allow you to focus your time on other important projects.

If you have submitted a proposal and had it rejected, again this is the time to go over it and make improvements to submit again later (or abandon it if it is not really worth the effort.)

That is what Saturn gets to the bottom of: "Is it worth it?  Is it really worth it?"  Because if it isn't really important, Saturn will eliminate it from the schedule.

Saturn helps you to define what you want out of life and pushes you to get working on it.  Saturn's job is to eliminate distractions and any waste of time.  This may seem harsh at times but it is meant to help you obtain your true goals in life.

This is the time to streamline your life in order to obtain the business success that you deserve! Are you wasting time (which is ruled by Saturn)? Perhaps you may decide now to eliminate some activities that are not helping you to obtain your life goals.   Eliminating bad habits and time wasters will be a priority now;  also, cleaning house, literally and figuratively.  Going through that *friends* list and deleting people you don't know for example.  Organizing your life and eliminating excess may be on the agenda now with Saturn retrograde.

Saturn rules structures, so any loose ends or holes in any kind of plan will be a source of problems while Saturn is retrograde.   Take this time to go over any projects, plans, schedules  again and again until they are as perfect as possible. 

If you are going back to an old project while Saturn is retrograde,now may be the time to re-launch it and watch it become success this time.  This is also an excellent time to go back and rectify anything that has been broken for a while. 

Saturn is in the sign of career and authority.  Some people may decide to return to a former job or avocation.  You may have success in redoing or restarting ventures which affects your public status or career.

Apr 18 2018    Sun    Cnj    Uranus   
28°Ar29' D    28°Ar29' D   

A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Expect some type of surprise today as the Sun hits off with Uranus, the planet of technology, surprise, and at times sheer chaos.

This is an excellent time for unique discoveries, inventing something, or thinking 'outside the box.'  This also means that something unusual may occur to disrupt the normal flow of things.  Electronic devices, computers, and other communications tools may act up or be disrupted somehow.

On an individual level, some may feel like things are too hectic or discombobulated. Take a break and meditate if you feel stressed by all of the activity going on around you.

Apr 19 2018    Sun   enters Taurus

The sun moves into the fixed, earth sign of Taurus today. This signifies a shift in leaders from a more entrepreneurial, fast acting, fighting position to one of mastering material concerns.

At this time people will want to calm things down, get more settled, and be more concerned with security and finances. 

For the the next month there will be more of an emphasis on the arts, luxury, beauty items, money and possessions.  Leaders may become inflexible with their plans and things may slow down into a standstill for a while.  There will be a much more powerful focus on securing borders, land and material well-being.  Also keeping calm will be on the top of the agenda.

This is a good time to take an inventory of what your resources are and plan accordingly.  Making new investments or beginning creative ventures may lead to more comfort and success.

Apr 22 2018    Pluto Station Retrograde
21°Cp17' R        

Pluto will station retrograde on April 22nd and remain it's apparent backwards motion until September 30 2018.  When a planet is retrograde it's energies are intensified, especially around the times when it stations.

This is going to be a time of some upheaval and disturbed energies.  When planets are retrograde, they do not perform in their usual ways and may show some bizarre events which may be described by the signs that they are in.

This portends to major climate changes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. at this time.
The powers that be will be at a standstill today and about to rethink, review or reorganize now.  Career opportunities may be delayed for some people and/or a general  slow down of power.  At this time governments may go back and implement policies that concern past events or issues.

Earthquakes and other natural disturbances or events which affect the world may occur around this time and in the following months.  Pay attention to anything that begins or develops around this time as it might grow out of control or make a profound change when Pluto stations direct at the end of September.

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