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What is Horary Astrology? How I answer your questions!
Horary is defined as "of the hour" and in astrology it pertains to the fact that a chart is erected at the exact time that a question is received by an Astrologer.  When a question is asked, the astrologer can create the chart and give an accurate answer - all without any birth data!

Horary Astrology is an ancient form of astrology that was given a big boost in popularity by a famous astrologer named William Lilly.  He practiced Horary astrology in England in the early 1600's. 

Back then, many people often didn't know their birth day or time, as record keeping wasn't as precise as it is today.  For this reason, Lilly used Horary astrology to answer questions and he became famous for his accurate predictions!

I have been using traditional Horary astrology professionally for the past 20 years and have had wonderful results due to the accuracy of this method. 

While Horary astrology can be incredibly accurate and descriptive, it doesn't mean that it can be used in all questions.  There are rules which must be followed.  If not, the accuracy of the reading is harmed and the question may not be answered correctly.  If you are unsure about a question, you can email me and ask me and I will clarify what questions can be answered.

While astrologers are well aware of Horary astrology, not many people in the general population are familiar with this branch of astrology.  !

I can understand the confusion, this is because birth data is so very crucial in Natal chart analysis.  An accurate birth time (or as close as possible) is needed in order to describe a person's life and future trends.

However, in Horary astrology, it is not about general future trends, it is simply about the Question and it's future only.  So the time of the question is what mattes.

Why is the time of a question is so important?  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

In astrology the birth of someone or something is what counts and what constitutes the "birth" chart, whether it be a person, company, marriage, job etc.  The moment it starts, that is the time to erect a birth chart and delineate it for it's future potential.

A question, given to the astrologer has a "birth" time as when the question is asked to the astrologer, it is the first time for the astrologer to become aware of the question and therefore can erect a chart for that time to produce an accurate reading.  This is what Horary Astrology is all about!

Some questions I can answer:

  • Will I get married this year?
  • Will I marry this person?
  • Will I win this court case? Lottery?
  • Will I pass the test?
  • Am I pregnant? Will I get pregnant this month?
  • Where is my missing __________(phone/purse/car/money/glasses/etc)?
  • Where is this missing person/cat/dog . . .?
  • Should I buy this house?
  • Did this person steal from me?
  • And many more questions can be answered!

The answers that I provide are more than just "yes/no". I provide details (and follow-up email) using the astrology chart. You might think that I am using psychic powers. But it is all from the astrology charts.

I do believe that we all have some psychic or intuitive abilities and this helps us all in our lives.  However, when I read a chart, I am only using the ancient rules which allow me to describe things so well.

When you call, I draw up the chart for the moment of your question and begin the reading.  I can provide details that you may not have known about as well as the final outcome.  You may be very surprised at how accurate astrology can be!

There are some Rules to answering questions with Horary Astrology. I did not create these rules, they have been passed down through the ages. I mention these rules or strictures in order for you to get the best reading possible. They are as follows:

1. The Question must be of pressing importance, honest and sincere. (If a question is asked just to *test* astrology or not of any importance to your life - it won't work.) 
2. The Question can only be answered once. (If you go to multiple astrologers with the same question - only the first answer counts.) But you may ask if the first answer you received was accurate!
and last
3. If there is a stricture in the chart - then the question is not meant to be answered. (This does not happen often but sometimes a question is not supposed to be answered. This happens if it is too early to ask or too late in the situation or if the person asks about something that may not materialize at all, a strong answer will not be revealed.

If it does happen, I still answer the question with a warning that it may not turn out as interpreted. Then I will give a free follow-up reading by email for another question in the future.)

I have experienced again and again how accurately astrology answers questions and that is why I have been using it for so long.
 If there is any question bothering you, please email or call me today!

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Another good article!
# re: What is Horary Astrology? @ Thursday, May 30, 2013 6:45 PM
Thanks Leslie!  I hope I gave a clear explanation for those who were unaware of what Horary Astrology is.
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