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Is it selfish to call upon the Archangels for help and guidance?
This past week, I have shared information through my blog on our guardian angels, spirit guides and the Archangels.  The information gave a brief synopsis of their respective duties, and also stated how you can get in touch with them.  The information was gleaned from Sonia Choquette's book, "Ask Your Guides." 

I also sent this information via email to my client lists.

I have received an overwhelmingly positive response to my posts and emails.  Many stated that they will be purchasing the book.  I also received a very poignant and interesting question from one of my long-time clients. She asked "is it selfish" to call upon the Archangels?

My answer is that it is not selfish in the least!  Call upon them as many times as are necessary! God/Higher Source/The Universe has provided us with this type of guidance and protection.  Utilize it as is necessary for your protection, health, well being and love! Do it with a sense of gratitude, trust and faith, and you will be amazed!

I thank my client for that question. It was an excellent opportunity to clarify that God's gifts to us are infinite and readily available.  Do not be afraid to ask
as many times as are necessary.  Learn to enjoy a relationship with the guidance that has been provided to you.

Take care.

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