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Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Timing”….but today the timing of which I speak is not of the kind that asks “When is my life going to change? Or When is my mate going to call?, which is fine to ask to ease your mind….BUT….the kind of timing of which I speak is the timing of God that wakes you up at 4AM when you went to bed at 11PM and you don’t have to get up early that morning for any particular reason…


Well today God woke me up early and per usual I spent part of my morning telling Him how wonderful he was to me and how much I loved being in His presence so early….it was just me and Him in that first 30 minutes or so while he set me off on a journey of reading His word online and getting my daily “God Coffee” lol


I was blessed when I signed onto Keen to meet the most lovely person on Chat…..she was down and had doubts in her mind yet she remained positive and hopeful….I felt an energy about her that was crying out “someone give me understanding of why this happening”….I never give advice out of my own mind(that would be a disaster) but out of a waiting a moment and allowing God to give His angels the word, which then filter down to my Faeries which then get typed into chat to hopefully give someone clarity on what is going on in their lives….as I read the questions that come up in my chat box, I not only read them, but I ask God to help me feel and sense what they are currently sensing and feeling, so I can come from a place of wisdom, insight and empathy for those in pain…so know that when I read for you all, I do so from a place of God…..


Some do not like my style of reading because it comes with the truth, and some of that truth at times is not easy to hear, but necessary for growth within the person God is leading me to guide…some say I am too preachy(I don’t mean to be), some say I speak in riddles(I don’t try to, that is just how God delivers it to me to say) and some say “your predictions are never right”(and they are not my predictions but God) and some say “I don’t want to wait that long” when I give them a time frame(it is God’s time frame and not my own)….I only tell you what I felt led in my spirit to do so….I believe that no matter what comes out or how it is taken that in time God will enlighten their hearts to see it through his eyes..


Oh yes “TIMING”….I believe that no two people come together without a reason and that it is God’s timing that brings us all together, whether to learn and grow and come together, or to learn and grow and move apart OR to just coming together long enough to touch each others souls in a meaningful way…the world calls it synchronicity, I call it His perfect timing.


Always I give my best to you all…I pray for the angels to open up your hearts and minds to see the wisdom in all my readings for you, as they come from a place of love!

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God’s Grace & Mercy and Enjoy the Journey


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