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Blessings? Are You Counting The Small Ones Too? :)

Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Blessings”….As of the last few days I have found myself to be extremely tired…the kind of tired that has to force yourself to get up and do things…the kind of tired you feel in your soul almost….and last night I went to bed at 8:30…..woke up at 12:45AM, then back to bed and woke up at 3:00AM, then back to bed and woke up at 8:30AM…..Yes that sounds like a lot of sleep but considering it took me 30 minutes to go to sleep and another 30 minutes each time I woke up, left me really tired still….I laid back down at 9:30AM but could not fall asleep… I told you all this to lead up to the discussion of blessings….you see for the last few days I have reached out to my doctor to see what is going on and to maybe switch my medication…no word back yet, so I started complaining and stressing(yes I do complain and stress sometimes), but I usually catch myself and stop it, but these last few days I have been unable to do…I don’t know if it is being tired in my mind which is causing this…BUT, this morning as I was laying there trying to go back to sleep I began praying….I couldn’t fall asleep so I began just praying…


All of a sudden, it’s like something washed over me and said “you are overworking yourself”…I was like “what?”…I love my work….and I heard “Yes I know you do, but you are doing it 7 days a week, from the time you get up until you go bed”….”you are experiencing burnout”… see on top of this I have went on a diet to lose weight, wearing a patch to quit smoking and my husband is not working….he’s construction and it’s slow right now….so instead of trusting God like I should be I upped my game on working trying to make double what I should to make up for his not working and to keep my mind occupied while dieting and not smoking….I began to see a pattern forming in my life…so today I am going to take the morning and part of afternoon off to do nothing but catch up on my reading and relaxing…


I am telling you this so all of my clients know, that although I counsel you, that I am also human and the same things I tell you to do are some of the things I still have to pray about and work out with God and apply them in my life as well…next thing God reminded me of, was how truly blessed I am….


I have a home, I have food, I have a healthy family(9 children and 25 grandchildren) and they are all well as well as  a host of friends that are healthy as youngest daughter a couple of weeks ago told me about this family close to where her husband’s mother lives and they recently lost their toddler child to this nasty flu going around….I prayed for this family but at the same time went on with my life…..God reminded me that although I am tired and although things don’t always go my way that I at least still have the health and my grandchildren alive and not grieving for the loss of someone so young….I was humbled in that moment, thinking of what that family must be going through…and how thankful to God I had forgot to be for still having healthy and living family….


This is why today is about “Blessings”……Count yours….count everything you still have in your life and see where you are taking even the small things for granted in your life…..I am glad he humbled me and I am grateful he made me so tired that I was forced to look at how I was spending the precious time he gave me grumbling and complaining instead of Thankful and looking to the future with Hope….I hope you do the same….Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed and Enjoy the journey!



God’s Grace, Mercy, Love, Peace and Abundance Be Upon Your Lives


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