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Fixing Things: Second Chances! :)

Gods Blessings:


Let’s talk “Fixing Things”….Did you know that God can fix anything, that nothing is impossible to Him?  That’s right, NOT A THING He cannot fix!.....But the problem lies in the way we want Him to “fix” it….We want him to fix it like He did the first time…..HMMMM…definitely “food for thought”…God says “Yes I could fix it again like I did the first time, BUT I’m not going to”….again “food for thought”…..And God says, last time I did all the work, I got you to a good place and you didn’t appreciate it, you didn’t carry it with integrity, you let what you saw with your eyes and heard with your ears make you break and hurt what I gave you….So if we are going to do this again, then I am going to require a human investment and today “as T.D. Jakes put it, “And I’m going to call it Sweat Equity”….God said, I am not going to carve out any more opportunities for you, I will do the guiding, but you are going to have to do the work by yourself this time….God says you gonna have to climb that mountain yourself this time with no help from anyone and learn to rely on me and me only…..


But if you want this thing back like God had you in the first time, this time you are going to have to sweat over it, work hard for it, you are going to have to humble yourself and you are going to have to be invested in it….God says, I don’t know how long it is going to take, that depends on you this time…..because I gave it to you last time and you dropped it and broke it…..God is saying: “This time instead of it being with you and others, this time it is going to be just between “YOU AND ME”….and this time you will have to collaborate with me to get this done….this time God says “It will be my way this time, on my terms and in my time”…..and again all that depends on how hard you plan on working on it, investing in it and working your way back to it”……This time God says “You sweat it out”….


So you want it fixed….well then get busy, dig your heals in and get ready to work and sweat……I hope this truly helps someone today.  Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


Do you know what a second chance for us cost Jesus?  It cost Him His life….It cost him a beating….It cost Him humiliation and sweat and hard work, yet He did it anyway, FOR US, because he Loved us so much!  Can you do the same thing for those you love?  “Just a thought”

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God's Grace & Mercy


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