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Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter! LOL! :)

Faery Blessings:


I woke up today thinking about the old saying “get your mind out of the gutter”……and as I thought about it,  I could tell where some of my thinking was flawed and where I could take the time to stop and think about what I was thinking about… my surprise up until that point my mind had been going in many directions, trying to get my granddaughters hair fixed for school and getting my teenage grandson out of the bathroom trying to “style” his hair…..yes he is like a girl when it comes to his hair lol….he’s 13 so you know that means all those girls will be paying attention to his hair, he even had to have some light streaks put through it….so finally we get him out, get granddaughters hair done, get their breakfast and finally to the bus stop almost just in time as the bus was arriving….it was a fun morning though watching them getting ready like big people going to work….


By the time I got home, sat down to do my writing for the day I realized that my mind had not been where it should have been in the way of positivity….it had been rushing thoughts and getting things done and not enjoying each moment on the way to the  bus stop….now as I sit writing I am reminded of the small article Joyce Meyer wrote and wanted to share it with you all today……Enjoy today’s message and be blessed.


Infuse Your Mind with Faith

One of my favorite things to say is, "Where the mind goes, the man follows," because the way you think determines the way you live…. Yesterday, you may have let your mind focus on the negative—what you can't do, how badly you've messed up, all the things that could go wrong—but today you can submit your mind to the Word of God. You can actually choose the thoughts you are going to dwell on. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you can change your thoughts today. You can choose a better, more positive, more fulfilling life. -Joyce


God’s Grace, Mercy, Peace and Love for you this beautiful day


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